Democrats are intolerant. 

They don’t care what the people want even though the government is supposed to serve the people of the United States. 

They want what they want and that includes the power and money that comes from being in government.

The Clintons refuse to give it up. The Bidens refuse to give it up. 

And the rest of the democrats also have visions of unlimited power and dollar signs in their eyes.

Democrats, past and present, politicians and bureaucrats in the deep state are salivating at the possibility of beating Donald Trump and taking over the Senate. 

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They are making plans to have unlimited power – to infinity and beyond.

What does that include?

One of their favorite ideas is packing the Supreme Court which means adding more leftist Supreme Court Justices so that they have total control over the Supreme Court. Democrat-appointed judges do not make decisions based on the Constitution, precedent or law. They make decisions based on their democrat agenda and ideology.

More and more democrats are going public supporting the idea of packing the court. Both AOC and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey tweeted it out after Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. “Expand the court!” they demand.

And the media, of course, is pushing the democrats to be totally radical and go for unlimited power and total control of all three branches of government.

Joe Biden is too chicken to agree to do it because he has a split base of moderates and psycho progressives. But he has agreed to put together a national commission to “reform the court system” – wink, wink.

The democrats are also talking about taking over the Senate indefinitely by adding more states so that they get additional senators.

The democrats also plan on getting rid of the filibuster so that the republicans never have a voice.

And the holy grail for the democrats is, of course, on the table as well. Their dream is to get rid of the electoral college so that the republicans never win another election. California and New York would forever choose every president.

Don’t let the democrats fool you either about why they plan on doing all of this.

They’re pretending it’s because the republicans rammed through Amy Coney Barrett to be a Supreme Court Justice a week before the presidential election. But that’s not the truth. It’s just an excuse for their corrupt insanity.

They’ve had those plans in their minds for a LONG time – with more to come.

Dems have to do this because their ideas are unpopular and they are incapable of running the country prosperously. The only way around that is to have power over their subjects and make them comply with their crazy rules.

They have to cheat to keep their power and take away the rights of the people they rule over and their political opponents who try to stop them.

The democrats are “fighting back.”

Fighting back against losing elections and actually being in the minority.