One of the reasons President Trump’s 2016 campaign was victorious was that the then candidate made several easy to grasp promises to the American people. He pledged to fix the economy, he did. He promised to secure the border, he did. Repair the military, he did. Reform how we treat veterans, he did. And restore our relations with real allies while putting American interests first. Indeed he did.

In 2020, with a real threat to our democracy from authoritarian socialist Democrats and their Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorist allies, the negative case, what we need to stop from happening, is a compelling and powerful message to run on. But it cannot be the only agenda for the president’s second term.

The Democrats are only playing negative. Their entire campaign has nothing to do with America. It obsesses on the president to the exclusion of all else. The Republicans must not follow that lead and only focus on Democrat potential for misdeeds and mistakes.

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He needs several simple promises again, not only to energize the base and the campaign, but to give the sorely tested nation something to look forward to. May we suggest bold moves…

1) Finish the fence- Complete the security of our southern border by making the entire fence operational. Then amp up programs that bring to our shores and retain here those who possess needed skills.

2) The Military- Increase military pay 10 percent across the board. Solidify bilateral security relationships and downplay NATO. As allied forces are now in a forward defense posture in Eastern Europe, redeploy forces to achieve the same in Asia by working out mutual defense pacts with the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

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3) Law and Order- Update sedition legislation to reflect the antics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Look at more alternatives to prison for non violent offenders at every level. A full Senate investigation into foreign influences of American civil unrest.

4) The Economy and the Bureaucracy- More of the same. Consider a flat tax. Consider doing away with, or merging into other departments, the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, and HUD.

5) Space- Continue to expand the Space Force and set up a separate Space Force Academy with an emphasis on manned exploration. Commit to an American manned landing on Mars by the end of the president’s second term.

Term limits- Work towards a 6 term/12 year limit in the House and a 2 term/12 year limit in the Senate. Good luck with that one.

Gun Control- We’re against it.

Constitution- Repeal the 17th Amendment and make the Senate once again an upper chamber. Real good luck with that one too.

You can’t sell a car or a president on just what’s wrong with a competing product. The president needs more than the Democrats and their authoritarian socialism to run against. He needs a program to run on. That’s how he won in 2016. That’s how he’ll win again.