There are some who are upset at the president’s performance Tuesday night at the presidential debate in Cleveland. There are good reasons for that, but Trump has time to recover and still win in November.

However, if Joe Biden was not a prisoner of his own left wing then earlier in the year he could have gone a long way to amassing a serious October lead by executing a certain move. But to do it, he may not have made it through the primaries. Such is the hold the hard left has on the Democrats.

Someone in a relatively similar situation in 1992 pulled it off, won the nomination, and went to the White House. Granted, with help from Ross Perot. Ah yes, we come back to that C minus president but A plus political tactician, Bill Clinton. Anyone remember the Sistah Soljah moment?

It was played beautifully by Clinton, his ace consultant Dick Morris, and likely with the covert collusion of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It worked like a charm.

Sistah Soljah was a rap singer who had a particular hatred for cops. Her music reflected it. Bill Clinton, when he was running in the Democrat primaries, was invited to an event where she would be present. Many black Democrat leaders were in attendance. Everyone expected Bill to say a few innocuous words and sit down. Instead, he gets up and, in front of her and many black politicos, rips her a new orifice over her cop-hating music. Cue Jackson and Sharpton to denounce Clinton for doing it, wink wink nudge nudge.

The Democrats of that time, like today, were looked on as hopelessly left wing. They had lost 3 presidential races in a row because of their extreme liberalism. But this pro-cop culturally conservative move made Clinton look like a different type of Democrat. And, aside from the unpleasantly surprised singer, it was all a set up. But one that worked.

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So, back in April, if Joe Biden or his top dogs had the savvy of Bill Clinton, they would have brought in the hard left and had the same conversation Clinton probably had with Jackson and Sharpton, “Look. I have to say and do things you may not like. And you have to hit me for it. It’ll fool the hicks into thinking, if you guys slam me, I’m one of their own. Then we all win in November. Get it?”

If Biden would have slammed Antifa and Black Lives Matter hard in April, after having the conversation above with their leaders and other hard leftists, then Trump would have lost a lot of the law and order card. Furthermore, if Biden had emphasized the economic impact of the virus he would have hit Trump in a weak spot. Both moves may have fooled enough people to legitimately put the former veep 10 points up today.

But Thank God the hard left has Biden by the short hairs and thus would never have tolerated such a tactically smart, but off narrative, gambit. America dodged that bullet and Trump still has a good shot in November. Sorry Bill. After you left? They got awfully stupid.