Joe Biden likes to portray himself as just a regular guy. Old Joe Sixpack from Scranton. From a hard scrabble background ready to do the work of the people. And maybe he was, once. But almost 50 years in Washington has changed him, if the above was ever true. Now, he tells voters, on a vital issue, they don’t deserve to know the truth.

Think about that. He said Americans don’t deserve to know how he feels on court packing. He followed that up with, ““You’ll know my opinion of court-packing when the election is over.” He absolutely refuses to tell voters his position on this issue. What kind of blind arrogance is that? Would you buy a car from a salesman who told you, “I won’t tell you about the engine problems now. Only after you buy the car.”

Now the constitutional view on court packing is negative. If he said he opposed it he’d by siding with the constitution and no problem. But here’s the issue, it would be a problem with his left wing and Antifa allies who want to pack the court.

However, Biden knows just last year he said he was against it. He knows most Americans are against it. So he gets it in the throat either from his Bolshevik allies or the American people. So he punts. But the way he did it was dumb and hopefully will make a nice 30 second spot produced by the Trump campaign. You can hear the intro now, “If we don’t deserve to know what Joe Biden thinks on court packing, what else about him does the country not deserve to know?…”

Can you imagine if Trump would have said in 2016, “I won’t tell you how I stand on immigration until after the election.” Think he would have still been elected? Think the press and Hillary would have called for his head on a platter? No and yes.

But Biden, knowing the press will cover his back, has no problem blowing off the American people that way. After all, his view, and those of his allies, is that the American people live to serve the government. He thinks he will be the head of the government. Ergo…

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Or, there is another possibility. He is so far mentally gone he didn’t realize what he was saying. He didn’t get that this is a perfect view into his thinking on the American people, that they only deserve to know what he deigns to tell them. Biden may have been oblivious to the fact he gave the Republicans and the Trump campaign a beautiful issue on this one, not to mention set himself up to be raked over the coals on court packing, thus blowing his cover, at the next debate. If there is a next debate.

Either way, his stonewalling here says very bad things about his honesty and transparency as a candidate. It will also make Trump and even some of the press chase him down on it. That’s the irony of the thing. By saying Americans don’t deserve to know he shows he has no respect for them and thus shows exactly why they deserve to know. Smart move Joe. Feel free to make more like it.