The deep state, which yes, I think includes Attorney General William Barr, FBI Director Christopher Wray and United States Attorney John Durham has been slow walking the release of information and investigations into the corruption of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and his administration – and everyone connected to the whole Russia hoax and coup against President Trump.

Barr, Wray and Durham have had more than enough time and more than enough evidence to take care of the democratic mob but they are worthless, ineffective, unproductive, useless, and ineffectual.

We have been looking at the evidence and Congressional testimony in the corruption of Joe Biden and his son, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for years. We all know what they were up to – and that includes the democrats and the leftist media.

We’ve seen and heard the information meticulously presented to us by talk show host Dan Bongino, who wrote three books on the Russia hoax. We’ve also gotten important and detailed information – smoking guns – including emails and other information – from journalists John Solomon, Sarah Carter and other REAL journalists.

Every week, we get more and more information, more and more emails dropped, more and more material that shows us just how corrupt Obama, Clinton and Biden are. Information that has taken a lot of time and court fights to acquire because the deep state doesn’t want to release it.

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But is anything ever done about any of it? 


Is anyone important ever going to be frogmarched to jail anytime soon? 

Probably not. 

People in the Trump administration get framed and put in jail for ten years for jaywalking in the middle of Iowa but if you are a democrat, you are free to be as corrupt as you want your entire life and never have to pay any consequences.

Since Barr, Wray and Durham can’t do their job and go after this corrupt democratic mob before the most important election in history against a socialist and corrupt political party, Rudy Giuliani decided to take matters into his own hands.

Giuliani, Trump’s attorney and previous Mayor Of New York City, received a copy of what appears to be Hunter Biden’s computer hard drive. Giuliani got a copy of the computer drive from the owner of a computer repair shop and turned over the information to the New York Post. 

It is reported that the computer contained photos and videos of Hunter Biden engaged in sex and drug acts as well as 40,000 emails and thousands of text messages. Many of the photos have been published online.

The emails that have gone viral are the ones that seem to show that Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, was involved with Hunter’s shady business deals that have made Hunter millions of dollars.

The original computer was turned over to the FBI in December.


And nothing has been done about it. 

Nothing has been verified by the FBI one way or the other. 

And nothing in it was released to dispel any of the democrat’s fraudulent information during the fake Trump impeachment over the Ukraine issue. 

So what has Christopher Wray been doing for the past ten months? Something more important like washing his hair?

The democrats, of course, if they’re talking about this story at all (most aren’t) are calling it Russian disinformation and laughing about it as if it’s some made up notion in Giuliani’s head.

Even Hot Air has a post where they say it’s possible that someone (or some country) got some real photos and videos of Hunter and added the fake texts and emails on the computer to make them look authentic.

Is it possible that some of the information could be fake? Anything is possible, especially when you are Trump and your enemies are the democrats, the leftist media, the Russians, China and the rest of the corrupt countries who want a new revolution of communist control.

It’s possible that the whole thing is a set-up. Which is why Wray should have information on the computer and the data by now, ten months later. 

And you have to ask yourself… Why is this story automatically deemed as false information while Crooked Hillary’s fake Russia dossier was deemed as the truth? 

And while Giuliani is trying to expose Biden, Clinton and the Obama administration for their corruption, he’s also exposing Barr, Wray and Durham for their lack of progress in investigating the coup against Trump.

Giuliani is also exposing the biased leftist media for ignoring the Hunter Biden story or lying about it if they do talk about it.

Giuliani is also exposing Facebook and Twitter as being total hacks for the democratic party for censoring anyone who dares to share the story, including Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump campaign.

And all the while, we’re supposed to believe that Biden is waaaaaaay ahead of Trump, right? 

I don’t think so. 

If that were true, the democrats wouldn’t be behaving like they are. They wouldn’t be as desperate as they are.

The democrats and the leftist media clearly need to lie about what’s going on and they have to censor us if they have any chance of getting Biden elected.

I think we can safely say that the next few weeks are going to be interesting because Giuliani and the president have much more information on the democratic mob that they’ll be releasing.