Texas Senator Ted Cruz was a rock star on Tuesday at the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrrett when he called out the dark money spent by democrats to win elections.

However, he was even more spectacular when he pointed out how close we’ve gotten to losing the Bill of Rights because of the radical, mostly democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justices.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms have all been on the chopping block because of radical Justices and there have been many times when we’ve only been able to keep our rights because we won in very narrow 5-4 decisions.

Imagine that. One vote away from losing our Bill of Rights.

Republicans look for Justices to nominate who will uphold the Constitution. Democrats look for Justices to nominate who uphold their radical policies.

And some republican-appointed Justices lose their minds along the way and start voting for what’s popular instead of what is constitutional. Justice John Roberts comes to mind.

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Cruz explained several cases that should scare the bejeezus out of us.

One such case is the Citizens United case which most people don’t know about. It has to do with a conservative non-profit organization called Citizens United who dared to produce a movie that was critical of Crooked Hillary Clinton. The Obama Justice Department took them to court and Justice Alito incredulously asked them, “Is your position that the Federal Government can ban books?” and they said yes.

They said yes.

Luckily, Citizens United (and the rest of us) won our right to free speech and Cruz called the four Justices who dissented as having a “terrifying view of the 1st Amendment.” Free speech was upheld in a 5-4 decision. Four radical justices were willing to be on the side of banning movies and books that are critical of politicians.

And the democrats always have litmus tests when they are looking to nominate Justices. Crooked Hillary said she would demand from a nominee a commitment to overturn Citizens United. The Heller gun case too.

The Heller gun case decided two things. One was that there can be reasonable prohibitions of gun ownership such as by felons. But it also decided the most important thing – that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms – not just groups in a militia. This was another case decided with a 5-4 decision. 

Four justices were ready to take away the 2nd Amendment.

One vote away from losing our gun rights.

If we lost that case, we would have had no way to challenge any restrictions on bearing arms by any federal, state, city or county courts. Cruz lambasted the four judges who dissented and said, “that is a radical reading of the Constitution.”

It’s really NO reading – or use – of the Constitution at all. Democrats don’t care about the Constitution.

Erasing the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights would have been fine with these radicals.

The democrats have a real war on the Constitution and our individual rights. 

They don’t want us to have any rights at all. That is painfully obvious.

Censorship, no religious freedom, no gun rights… and they’re not going to stop trying to get rid of our rights.

What about religious liberty? Well, we only have THAT because of narrow decisions as well. 

Cruz pointed out that religious freedom is about diversity.

But it’s not about any kind of diversity that the democrats want going on.

There have also been narrow victories where we got to keep our religious liberties including cases about crosses and the Ten Commandments on public property and forced abortion-funding.

Cruz talked about how the Obama administration tried to force the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic religious community, to fund contraception under the Affordable Care Act. Cruz said, “It’s a truly stunning situation when you have the federal government litigating against nuns.” 

We can’t afford to have any more radical justices on the Supreme Court if we want to keep any of our rights intact.

That means that we have to fight for our conservative Justices like Amy Coney Barrett who will actually follow the Constitution when making decisions.

And we have to make sure that President Trump gets elected again so that he can fill any more Supreme Court vacancies coming up in the next four years.