Democrats always say they are the party of science and data. 

I call BS.

Their climate change religion shoots that notion out of the water. Their climate change numbers are based on a computer model, not science and data. A computer model with fraudulent information entered into it, no less. Google Climategate.

And now we find out that liberals are not even willing to accept the simple fact that 2+2 is four.

Math is not about coming up with an answer that makes you feel good or a number that a consensus of people agree on. 

Math can not be changed because of altered circumstances.

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Math is factual.

If you have two bananas and add two more, you end up with four bananas, not five. 

Harvard disagrees.

So for a mere $49,653 a year (if you get in), you get the privilege of listening to dimwitted liberals teach you false information. 

Of course, they’ve been doing that for years but usually math was immune to their liberal insanity.

Using the wisdom from his Harvard education, doctoral student Kareen Carr said that mathematical equations, such as two plus two equals four, are abstractions.

Carr pointed out that he could put a rooster and a hen together and comes back a year later and see three of them. Or he could leave a fox and hen together and come back and there was only one. 

This imbecile doesn’t realize that I can put two bananas in a room and it’ll turn into about 16 pieces in a year after maggots and ants get to them.

Or someone could walk by and slice the banana into nine pieces.

So what?

That doesn’t mean two plus two equals nine because I waited around.

And Harvard shouldn’t be promoting students who might need a psychiatrist evaluation.

Carr was rightfully mocked on Twitter for being an idiot and tweeters pointed to him as an example of how bad the liberal education system has gotten.

Warning to everyone… Looks like you better make sure that your doctor and your airline pilots are NOT from Harvard. 

Those occupations actually rely on numbers for your very survival.