So the democrats are yapping about needing to wait to choose a new Supreme Court Justice until after the election so that the “winner” can pick the nominee. 

But at the same time, Biden’s not going to tell you, the little people, the servants of the government, who he might nominate. The only thing he’s said about it, back in February during the primaries, is that he’s pick a black woman. But he’s not going to give you a list of the women he’s looking at even though he said he was working on the list back in June.

Nope. That’s for democrats to know and for you to not find out. They don’t want to shock you with the radical names that they’d come up with. Or the fact that his picks are not exactly qualified for the position except for their gender and race.

Democrats are the party of lies and marketing so showing their hand before people vote for them wouldn’t be a good idea.

And the leftist media folks won’t press Biden on naming anyone if he doesn’t want to do it.

That’s why Trump needs to press the issue. At every rally, instead of asking, “Where’s Hunter?” because we don’t care, he needs to say, “Where’s Biden’s Supreme Court list?”

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Biden has said that Trump’s campaign focusing on lists is a “game for them” to “gin up emotions and anger.”

Really, Joe? Hm… Your list must be REALLY REALLY bad.

Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Tim Murtaugh, said, “Biden knows that he is an empty vessel for the radical left and that’s why he’s refusing to be honest with the American people about who he would want on the court.”

It’s really all about transparency. Trump is transparent and honest. Biden is not.

Biden came up with three excuses about not putting out a list. 

He said putting out a judge’s name could influence their decision making as a judge, they would be subject to political attacks and because he’s seeking bipartisan consultation from the Senate.

I believe his second excuse – political attacks. But what he really means is that his nominee would be twisting in the wind for a while. Long enough for the nominee to be “properly vetted” and that’s not something he wants. 

Vetting democrats is never good for democrats.