Biden and Harris are not around much. Biden calls a “lid” before noon on most days (ends his day) like he did on Wednesday and Thursday. Or he doesn’t come out of the basement at all. 

Kamala isn’t setting the world on fire either.

When Biden or Harris actually show up somewhere, they seem to attract as many Trump rally-goers as democratic supporters, if not more.

And they rarely take questions from reporters when they actually are out in public.

Yes, Biden is staying home this week to cram in some debate prep because his handlers are scared out of their minds about the upcoming debate with Trump.

But the truth is, they don’t want him out much because his dementia would be on full display. 

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Biden wasn’t even able to get the words right on the Pledge of Allegiance the other day. The media is, of course, running cover for him, saying he wasn’t reciting it – he was just “alluding” to it – so he doesn’t need to get the words right. I’ll remember that rule the next time Trump is alluding to something.

The funniest part about Biden’s latest gaffe is that felt the need to write a a whole article about it to make Biden look good. But that’s the media’s job now. They run cover and campaign for Sleepy Joe.

It’s a stealth campaign that is relying five strategies for victory…

  1. The media and Twitter has them covered. They will help go after Trump and they will re-word or re-characterize any gaffes that Biden makes. Failed democratic presidential candidates, celebrities, never-Trumpers and Twitter trolls are campaigning for him on social media.
  2. There is a “D” after Joe’s name. The candidate could be a southern two-toed sloth and it would still get democratic votes.
  3. He’s anti-Trump. The democrats really think that’s enough to propel Joe to The White House.
  4. Joe’s alternate universe of ads. In Joe’s TV advertising, you get to see a healthy invigorated fake Joe. This healthy invigorated fake Joe is telling you all kinds of lies about Trump in his ads and is never around to answer any questions about them (not that the media would say anything anyway).
  5. The campaign is keeping Joe out of the public eye so he won’t irritate the moderates or the leftists. Biden can’t have an actual opinion on anything besides Trump because every answer will either piss off his moderates or his leftist nut jobs. There’s Biden #1 (moderate) and Biden #2 (leftist) and the only thing they agree on is that Orange Man is bad.

That leaves Biden sitting in his basement so he doesn’t have to answer anything that his campaign doesn’t want him to answer. When Biden was actually asked a real question the other day on whether he’d support court packing, he didn’t answer the question. That’s because it was a question about him and not about Trump. 

Joe does his best to only talk about Trump and the leftist media usually goes along with the plan. The media says to Joe, “Trump did this” or “Trump said this” and then they ask what Joe thinks about it. That’s what happens every time he does a press conferences, also known as “five friends sitting in white circles.”

When Green Bay’s WBAY asked Biden an actual question about the court vacancy and stacking the court, he dodged the question and made it about Trump. He said, “It’s a legitimate question, but let me tell you why I’m not going to answer that question. Because it will shift the focus. That’s what he (Trump) wants. He never wants to talk about the issue at hand and he always tries to change the subject. Let’s say I answer that question, then the whole debate’s going to be about what Biden said or didn’t say, Biden said he would or wouldn’t.”

Hey, Joe. You’re in a presidential campaign. Answer the freaking question. Campaigns are about taking positions on things. Get in the game. Man up.

Harris seems to be missing in action as well. A lot of people thought she’d be the face of the campaign once she was nominated for VP but she’s not out in the world much more than Biden is. Or at least the media isn’t covering her.

Where are all her press conferences and interviews where she can put forth a Harris/Biden plan for the country? Why isn’t she out there with excitement and vigor, flooding the zone with her communist plans for the future, talking to all who will listen?

And so their invisible campaign continues until they are forced to do otherwise.