At the end of the Trump rallies, the YMCA song is always played. It’s a fun and catchy song and I keep waiting for Trump to join in on the fun.

I usually spell out the four letters with my arms at home while my dog looks at me like I’m crazy. I’ve also seen a photo of his Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany doing the moves. Trump has done a bit of a jig but hasn’t done the actual YMCA moves yet. 

Victor Willis of The Village People has said that Trump is welcome to use their song (even though permission is not needed). He owns half of the copyright to the song and would like to see the President do the dance.

I forcefully agree but the Donster probably doesn’t want to see a Trump YMCA dance meme all over the internet.

The songs the president chooses for the rallies – and the rallies themselves – are a lot of fun. Even if you can only watch them on TV. It’s a big party with friends you’ve never met. 

The Trump rally is a place where you can wear your Orange Man swag and talk to people who understand you. Trump supporters are just fun. Democrats not so much.

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The only music Biden plays is a Spanish song when he’s pandering to hispanic voters.

Trump supporters have boat rallies, car rallies, the Amish have horse and buggy parades, we have Trump parties on the beach, and we dance and sing when Trump or Pence show up at airport hangars.

The YMCA song is a great addition to Trump’s song list. It is much better than the boring, horrible Rolling Stones’ song he used to play called “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Sorry, but I think the group sucks, their songs suck and they threatened to sue Trump over using the song at rallies so why use it?

We’ll just stick to the fun music and leave the Trump-hating singers to their TDS.

We are happy people. 

The democrats are currently hateful, lecturing, intolerant bullies. 

Who wants to join that sort of assemblage of losers?

I say that not many will decide to do that and we’ll have proof after the election.