Donald Trump has a brusque personality in public. Those who claim to know what kind of man he is in private, good or bad, for the most parts are liars or idiots, save his closest friends and family.

Politically, we’ve heard since 2015 what an insane warmonger he is, sure to get us into needless war with the peace-loving innocent government of Iran, Venezuela, or some other tinpot dictatorship. We can’t read his mind, but whatever private opinions he has of regimes like that, we remain at peace.

But we can ascertain certain things from the public record and brusque or not, the president has been a peacemaker in international affairs. There have been times, especially involving Iran, when the president had the evidence needed to order a general strike on the country. But he has limited his responses to surgical strikes and possibly special operations missions we will never know about. Warmongering should be made of sterner stuff.

Even yesterday we hear we’re reducing our troop strength in Iraq by 40 percent. We’ve engineered talks between the Taliban and the government in Afghanistan and have calmed down the North Koreans. He’s normalized relations between Israel and both the U.A E. and Bahrain and he’s normalized economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia. But that won’t be enough for the Nobel Committee because they aren’t looking for peacemakers. They are looking for leftist poster boys.

Why else would they gave given the prize to terrorist leader Yasser Arafat or North Vietnamese aggressor Le Duc Tho? Barack Obama? He hadn’t been in office enough time to earn it, by his own admission. But he got it for being of the hard left and being black, much to the enchantment of the pasty white Nobel Committee.

Others who got the Nobel nod were the paranoid screaming meemies of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. That one should have rightfully gone to the USAF, for they, not hysterical docs, did the most to prevent nuclear war by keeping the peace through deterrence. Mikhail Gorbachev got it, though he had been the dictator of the most bloodthirsty regime in history. He supposedly got the prize for helping to end the Cold War. Did those who actually ended it, Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, get a mention? Nah, they weren’t of the International left. So it’s basically a participation trophy for leftwingers no matter how little they have done to facilitate peace.

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Granted Mandela, Teddy Roosevelt, and Elie Wiesel got it. Okay fine, like a blind squirrel. But the Nobel Committee ruins that by giving it to presidential failure and anti-Israeli shill Jimmy Carter, climate change fanatics, and the bureaucratic leviathan of the European Union.

The president should turn down the nomination and say that any organization that would give a peace award to Yasser Arafat is an organization he wants no part of. It’s a winner on multiple fronts, as it ticks off the Euros, upsets the past winners, and displays the president turning down something Barack Obama did not have the simple integrity to refuse. It would be a kick in the teeth to the International left. Thus, it would inherently be a good thing.