In these days of tense negotiations with senators we’re not permitted to look at the subject of this article, lest we scare away the fence sitters. But, I think we’ll take the chance.

The only current narrative allowed is how an overwhelming majority of conservative justices would destroy American freedom. But that’s only the line of the Democrats, the Left, and their media lapdogs. Given the votes, timing, and maneuvering just might be there to make Judge Amy Coney Barrett or Judge Barbara Lagoa a justice in a very short while, what would that court look like for conservatives?

This is assuming the three Trump appointees stay relatively conservative and Roberts doesn’t become totally unhinged. However, how would that change America?

Since the 1950s various high court decisions have eroded out freedoms. Not every decision, but enough to matter. Even Ike said that appointing Earl Warren to the Supreme Court was the worst decision he ever made. You remember Earl Warren, as in the Warren Commission? Yeah, that guy.

The list is long. Prayer in schools, Roe, the War Powers Act, and a host of others that slapped America in the face. It came from, as it usually does on the bench, justices who want to play legislator. Regardless of legal merits, as in the legally absurd Roe decision, the Supremes did what they wanted and told the rest of us to lump it. A solidly conservative court could reverse that. Like this.

Roe? It could get overturned and thrown back the states. Then watch those 50 battles. Unlike aborted babies, Roe won’t die altogether. But some states could reduce the carnage. One of the sad things Roe has done is make abortion seem casual, as if it’s a natural thing. It’s become part of a national consciousness of convenience. No big thing. Just a blob, or so many have come to believe. That belief will fuel a massive political fight if the question is back in the state legislatures. And in many places the Right will lose, as ideological conservatives but functional libertarians have their say.

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Border security? No more silliness. The right of this nation to firmly uphold its territorial sovereignty would be confirmed.

Prayer in schools? That’s tricky, as it would be wrong to mandate that. But, a moment of silence when students could pray? Maybe not a stretch. The pledge? Not a problem, but again, not mandatory for every kid perhaps by high school.

War Powers Act? The Court would say the president as Commander-in-Chief, not the Congress as a collection of armchair brass hats, gets to control American troops in the field.

So we on the Right can focus on what good may come if we get this court choice and, if the president is reelected, the more to come. But we have to win this fight first.