Poor Obama is a bit worried that Trump might have four more years to investigate his coup against him and put some of his buddies in jail. 

He’s already lost most of his progressive agenda to Trump who has left very few things with Obama’s fingerprints on them except for parts of the Affordable Care Act.

And Obama doesn’t want to lose his fake reputation of being a great president with morality and ethics. The reports on the investigations into his corruption would surely shatter that illusion.

The fake polls show Biden ahead but Obama knows the truth. You can’t run a campaign from the basement. You can’t win by calling it a day at 9:30 a.m. You can’t persuade America to vote for riots, high taxes and getting rid of fossil fuel. 

Biden doesn’t have a chance of winning unless they cheat but with a new conservative justice coming to the bench soon, it looks like their cheat-by-mail scheme might be over.

Obama thought he could have an inoffensive Biden slip right through to win the election and then install Kamala as president – but things aren’t looking as rosy as they once did.

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So Obama is pulling the alarm. He put out a video to support National Voter Registration Day and also tweeted out to mobilize his mob. 

He’s appearing a bit desperate, telling his followers that a Trump win is the end of everything.

He said, “What’s at stake in this election is much bigger than Joe or the man he is running to replace. What’s at stake is whether or not our democracy endures.”

The sky is falling.

It’s the end of the world.

Yes, it might be the end of the world for the democrats and their corrupt friends. 

They could end up in jail. They won’t be able to start new corrupt deals. Four more years of sitting on the sidelines and not making millions.

They won’t be able to obtain exclusive long-lasting power if Biden doesn’t win. They wouldn’t be able to pack the courts, add more senators, get rid of the filibuster and do everything else they have planned to destroy the country.

Poor Obama.

Obama appealed to his mob by saying, “Your vote has never mattered more than it does right now. Go to register and make a plan to vote. And make sure everybody you know does too.”

He continued, “Now’s the time to safeguard this democracy and fight for what we believe in. This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes to win.”

The democrats, as they always do, accuse Trump of doing everything that they are actually doing.

He’s safeguarding the country while the democrats tear down our democracy. Trump has been protecting us from the leftists for four years. Doing everything he can to help Americans, not the politicians.

We the people.

Democrats hate that.