It could be noon, January 20, 2021, and we may not know who the president is. This scenario is ten times worse than the 2000 debacle that had the nation waiting until December for the outcome of the presidential race. This is what the Democrats want and this is what they are planning right now to execute.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has already started the ball rolling with his recent line asking for assurances that Trump will leave office if he loses. New York Times pundit Thomas Friedman told CNN this week that he thinks there could be a civil war when Trump refuses to leave office after he is defeated. Hillary Clinton has told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. Notice the “any” which by definition includes a clear Trump victory. These are the first stages of their overall plan.

This is what they will do. Regardless of the election result the Democrats will claim victory. Then, because Trump will contest that if he wins or if it is up in the air because of uncounted ballots or ballot fraud, they will say he is clinging to office like a dictator and thus we have a constitutional crisis.

They will demand the Attorney General remove him from the White House. They will demand the Secret Service or the Capitol Police remove him. They will go even as far as to demand the military remove him even if he has clearly won the race.

The Democrats will, and they are likely coordinating it at this moment, use every messaging tool at their disposal to try and retake the executive branch. All of their media, academia, pop culture, sports, and violent assets will be employed in a unified manner. They will take to the streets in massive numbers, supposedly clad in the armor of a people’s revolution against a dictator. They will burn, loot, and riot to a degree not seen so far. The message will be, “Seat Biden in the Oval Office or this gets worse.”

As the ballots are counted and Trump may emerge victorious, they will say the actual election numbers don’t matter anymore as the “people” have spoken on the streets. They will scream that any attempt to count ballots that may make Trump the winner is just an exercise in denying the “people” their voice. Any words to the contrary will be dismissed as propping up a dictatorship.

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This will give Democrat street thugs like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, not to mention legions of boneheaded kids out for an allegedly idealistic lark, carte blanche to run amok in the name of the “people” and against “Donald I” or “Adolf Trump.” China will provide logistical aid and funding. Iran may also do such.

And what will the actual American people be doing at this time? Hard to say. Some will go about their business and attend to their personal lives, hoping it will all blow over. But some will not. Some will also take to the streets and possibly even guard the White House. A violent confrontation is bound to take place somewhere and that will be blamed on Trump, thus increasing the hue and cry from the Left that he leave office “and bring peace to the nation.” This will start to happen before the season changes to winter. Given what has already been said by Schumer and Hillary Clinton, the wheels are already in motion.