Everyone seems to be under the false impression that democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is all-powerful.

She isn’t. 

She’s been ineffective at doing her main job – getting rid of Trump. 

She puts on a constant dog and pony show that makes her look like she’s the leader of the resistance but she’s getting nothing done.

Pelosi makes threats and trades barbs with Trump but that’s about all she does. 

Pelosi is an out-of-touch 80-year-old who allowed AOC and the Squad take over the democratic party. That’s leadership? 

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Yes, she got Trump impeached in the House of Representatives.


What did that do? Nothing. 

She took up time on the House floor when attention should have been paid to the coming pandemic. That’s leadership?

Now she’s threatening to impeach Trump again because he’s going to appoint another Supreme Court Justice. That’s leadership?

At one of Trump’s recent rallies in Toledo, Ohio, Orange Man Bad laughed at Pelosi’s threat to impeach him again. He said, “I’m the only guy in the world that could be impeached for filling a seat.”

Trump dared Crazy Nancy and her cohorts to impeach him again. He said, “Go ahead, I want them to do that.”

Maybe Pelosi’s problem is that she’s using a quiver with rubber arrows instead of bringing out the big guns.

Former President Barack Obama knew how to “take care” of Republicans. At a fundraiser in June of 2008, he told the crowd, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Nancy never seems prepared for Trump. After almost four years of practice, she hasn’t gotten any better at sparring with him. She plays Checkers and Trump plays Chess.

When Trump wins the presidency again, I believe that Pelosi’s reign of democratic inefficiency is over. I don’t think AOC and the rest of the leftists are going to keep her around as their leader – and they’ll have help from the Republicans to get rid of her.

AOC has the leftist media on her side and they will help her oust the old lady. 

AOC has never had any problems going after Pelosi in the past or even endorsing a different democratic candidate than Nancy.

Nancy, for her part, has been on defense since AOC and her progressive friends arrived in the House. Pelosi said, “We respect the value of every member of our caucus. The diversity of it all is a wonderful thing.”

Praising them and giving them legitimacy was totally the wrong thing to do.

Pelosi underestimated AOC and the Squad – just like she always underestimates Trump.

Pelosi let the Squad walk all over her and change the democratic party into an outright in-your-face progressive leftist socialist anti-American mob organization.

Good job, Crazy Nancy. 

Time to hand over your quiver.