So it’s not just tyrannical democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer who wants to take away your basic rights if you live in Michigan. 

It’s also the Ingham County Health Department.

I wasn’t aware that anyone in the United States, outside of the judicial system, could order us to be under house arrest. Even suspected criminals under house arrest are offered more rights than suspected COVID-19 spreaders. Criminals can often go to work, church, see their attorney and run household errands.

Apparently the Ingham County Health Department thinks they have the power of house arrest and have ordered 23 Michigan State University fraternities and sororities, as well as the people in seven rental houses, to quarantine for two weeks.

The people in these 30 locations are not even necessarily students who have tested positive for the virus. They could just be possible virus spreaders.

And yet they are all under mandatory quarantine.

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Yes, people. The government has crossed over THAT line.

Never mind that the constitution gives us freedom of movement between states, the right to peaceably assemble, petition the government and the freedom of speech and religion.

And what about the fifth amendment that says that no person may be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”

Guess that’s out the window.

The bill of rights and the constitution does not end at the door of the Ingham County Health Department.

But they think it does.

Because the health department came up with an emergency order, they think they can do whatever they want and decided on the mandatory quarantines after about 340 people affiliated with MSU tested positive for COVID-19. 

In their tyrannical emergency order, they cite MCL 333.2453 in order to imprison people in their homes. This legislation is in their public health code and it’s probably something that Whitmer will be using if she loses her tyrannical control over us through the current legislation she is citing for her 181 executive orders. 

The MCL 333.2453 legislation allows a local health officer to control an epidemic by prohibiting a gathering of people as well as establish procedures to be followed by people to insure continuation of essential public health services and enforcement of health laws. It says emergency procedures shall not be limited to this code. 

It also allows the health department to use involuntary detention and treatment of individuals with hazardous communicable disease.

So besides being under house arrest, they can also TREAT you. That’s pretty scary. And you don’t even have to have the virus – you just need to have been “exposed.” 

How lovely.

Their health code calls you a “potential” source for infection and a health threat. They can make decisions for you because they find you unable or unwilling to follow their rules, placing others at risk.

Other tyrannical rules from the health department under this emergency order of quarantine include having to answer calls from the Ingham County Health Department staff or the University’s Physician’s office within two business hours. You also must fully cooperate with all questions by the ICHD and University’s Physician’s office. 

You also must allow health department staff or designees on the premises for random checks of compliance. Oh – and you have to take your temperature twice a day. Plus all the usual distancing stuff and washing your hands.

This is not optional. It’s mandated.

Those who do not follow the health department’s orders could get a misdemeanor charge and up to six months in jail, a $200 fine or both. If your violation occurs in the presence of a police officer, you can be arrested.

They are also recommending ALL MSU students self-quarantine immediately although they are not mandating that yet.

The funny thing is that they have exceptions, which pretty much voids their “emergency” BS. They will let you out of your house to obtain food, medicine, medical care or supplies to sustain or protect your life if you can’t get your stuff delivered.

So then… there is OBVIOUSLY no real emergency if the health department has exceptions.