Democrats are rarely brought to justice for their crimes and they know it. This encourages them to operate as mobsters, untouchable, corrupt, taking money for favors, committing crimes, lying, punishing enemies, and investigating their enemies for crimes that the democrat mobsters actually committed.

We saw this with Crooked Hillary who committed several crimes with the use of her personal email server, among other things, and destroying evidence. Nothing was ever done. She’s not in jail. 

Apparently, the Mueller team, who was investigating the fake Russia collusion story concerning Trump, took a page from Crooked Hillary’s corruption and decided to wipe their phones clean so that they could never be adequately investigated for anything criminal that they were involved in.

The fact that the democratic deep state is involved in this type of behavior isn’t even surprising anymore. 

The only reason we even know what they did, as well as many other corrupt democrat deeds, is because the organization Judicial Watch relentlessly sues for the information. In this case, the information took two years for them to obtain.

At least a dozen phones of the Mueller investigation team were wiped clean because of “forgotten passcode, irreparable screen damage, loss of the device, intentional deletion or other reasons” making it impossible for the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General to look at the devices.

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Well isn’t that convenient.

It wasn’t even two or three phones. It was a dozen or more.

Sorry, but these are attorneys and supposedly “smart” people. They aren’t ignorant about how their phones work. They are corrupt.

One of these devices was that of corrupt Andrew Weissman who “accidentally” wiped his phone clean.


Yeah, right. We believe that.

Others “unintentionally” restored their phone to its factory settings.

Yep, we totally buy that too.

Mueller’s investigation, as we know, came up with absolutely no evidence of criminal conspiracy or coordination between Russian officials and the Trump campaign but Mueller knew there was none early into the investigation. 

The whole thing was a dog and pony show for the media to yap about for two years during their coup against the president. The Mueller team doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about their fraudulent investigation and will do what they need to do to cover their tracks.