May 25, 2020. That was the day that George Floyd was killed and that was the day the democrat party decided to take advantage of a horrible situation so that they could start a race war and a war against the police in order to win an election.

The democratic party has, and continues to, operate in a space of “any means necessary.” That means arson, assaults and murder are necessary to get rid of Orange Man Bad.

When two police officers were ambushed and shot in the head in LA, Joe Biden called for gun control. 

This is after a prolonged campaign to demonize, demoralize and defund the police.

So what where does that leave us?

It’s obvious that the democrats don’t want innocent Americans to protect themselves from democratic AntifaBLM terrorist thugs. And they don’t want the police to protect us either.

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This is how you rule over a country with unlimited dictatorial powers. 

The democrats have gotten a taste of this power already with their unconstitutional governors and mayors locking us down and ordering us that we can’t open our businesses, go to church, see our parents in nursing homes or go to funerals. 

The dems love that unlimited power and don’t want to give it up. They want more. They want it coming from the top so that EVERYONE has to comply.

The democratic AntifaBLM militia is helping the party put people in their place. They are helping to make sure that Americans know that the left is in charge and we all better up to pony up our vote for Biden.

And what if we don’t? Well, the mob will burn down our cities. Not just NYC and Portland. YOUR city. Everywhere.

The Atlantic rag, the media outlet who tried to unsuccessfully convince us that Trump called dead American soldiers “losers” is predicting that the democrats won’t accept a second Trump victory.

That’s pretty easy to figure out since they have never accepted the first one.

The Atlantic says that democrats won’t be able to process another Trump win, especially when Biden has been a clear favorite (sound familiar?). 

The only reason that the dems think that Biden is a “clear favorite” is because their leftist media lies to them about it.

The democrats are crazy. They still believe Russia is involved with Trump. If Trump tries to speed up a coronavirus vaccine, they cry about him wanting to kill them. If Trump gets nominated (twice) for the Nobel Peace Prize, they ridicule the peace prize itself and call it nothing more than a trinket out of a cereal box.

So when the democrats lose (which will probably happen in a landslide), they’re going to lose their minds. And it will be yet another excuse to riot and set things on fire.

 This is the democratic resistance and Biden is their way to get their power back – by any means necessary.

Biden himself tweeted at the end of August all we need to know. He said, “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” 

No, probably not.

But at least if Trump is reelected, we will still have some police left and our second amendment rights.