It is Day 104 of the insurrection going on in Portland, Oregon. AntifaBLM terrorists have been committing arson and trying to kill the police just about every one of those days.

To Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and his democrat friends, this is acceptable. They believe that terrorism is included in free speech rights even though the constitution says otherwise. 

The terrorists don’t like Wheeler any more than anyone else in the country does but he seems pretty safe in his job considering that his radical competition for the job, Sarah Iannarone, has openly supported Antifa. She also wants housing for all and the defunding of the police. She has actually called herself a member of Antifa in a January 2019 tweet.

Seems like now might be a great time to write in “Mickey Mouse” for the position of mayor and the city would be much safer.

Elsewhere, in another democrat run city we have Seattle where the city decided to close a park because, OH NO!, a religious group wanted to have a prayer rally.

They fenced off Gas Works Park so that the religious rally couldn’t happen. The city said that they wanted to prevent anticipated crowding. They stationed park rangers and “social distancing ambassadors” to keep watch in case any hooligan Christians showed up.

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So Seattle has definitely never read the constitution at all about peacefully assembly OR the freedom of religion.

In a statement, the city laughably said that Parks & Recreation doesn’t allow un-permitted public events to take place in their parks.

Give me a break.

They allow rioting all of the time and have we already forgotten “CHAZ” which had thousands of criminals inside of Cal Anderson Park, which still remains occupied by anti-police extremists where rioting is still going on.

There is no fencing at Cal Anderson Park and no real push back against anarchists committing crimes and throwing Molotov Cocktails at police officers.

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The terrorists are considered mostly peaceful so all is well in Seattle.

And don’t dismay because Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is keeping Seattle safe from evil prayer groups who want to get together.