From bullying and harassment in 2016 to assault, arson and murder in 2020. That is the proud legacy of the democratic party for the past four years.

As time passed and more and more Trump supporters were assaulted, it never was a big deal to the leftist media. It was not really condemned and often supported and celebrated by the democrats. Anything anti-Trump was supported by the democrats.

Now, the insane democrats, along with newly woken up basement dweller, Joe Biden, have decided to crawl out from under their rocks in order to blame Trump for the violence that democrats have been committing and supporting for YEARS. 

But only because Biden’s poll numbers are tanking.

In their alternate universe, the DEMONcrats pretend that they haven’t been coming after us for the last four years even though there is a list of their hate crimes against Trump supporters all over the internet. Breitbart alone documents 389 occasions of hate crimes against Trump supporters and there are surely more since it hasn’t been updated since February.

The threats and assaults on Trump supporters started before Trump was even elected. The Bernie Bros. were going to Trump rallies, harassing folks in big and small cities. 

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Their claims that Trump is the agitator are laughable. 

Their claims that Trump is responsible for the crimes THEY have been committing and allowing for the past four years, and especially the past three months, are laughable.

Back in 2016, candidate Trump pointed out the Bernie Bros. sleaze balls to everyone and talked about how they were going after his supporters in Chicago. 

Trump said, “They were taunted, they were harassed by these other people. These other people, by the way, some represented Bernie, our communist friend. With Bernie, he should really get up and say to his people: Stop. Stop.”

We know what the result was of ignoring the crazy Bernie Bros. One of his supporters tried to kill republicans on a baseball field. 

But that wasn’t all. 

For the past four years, democrats have been plowing cars into women in Trump booths, vandalizing GOP sites, setting vehicles on fire because they have Trump flags, assaulting anyone with a MAGA hat, slashing tires, burning flags, shooting at GOP offices, spitting on people and on and on.

It’s the Resistance. That’s what they called themselves. It started long ago.

By not condemning their violent supporters in no uncertain terms, the democrats have emboldened their terrorist militia to continue their rampage and it has led to increased violence.

With an election year to think about, the democrats decided that a race war was a good strategy for them. So in addition to targeting Trump supporters, the democratic AntifaBLM terrorist militia also went after the police and even innocent people and business owners. 

Their new mantra is that everyone is racist. That everyone and everything needs to be abolished. Eradicated. Torn down and wiped out.

Their goal is to destroy the country so that they can rebuild it the way that they want it to be.

They even have a slogan for their revolution – “Build Back Better.”

Trump supporters are still a favorite target though. The democratic militia enjoyed going after attendees of the RNC convention on Thursday and they celebrated after executing a Trump supporter in Portland over the weekend. 

The terrorists said, “We’ve got some over here” (Trump supporters) and then you heard a gunshot.

Biden’s America is a place where democrats market hate to win an election. They both ignore and support the violence at the same time, giving a nod to their terrorist friends.

In Biden’s America, where he supports re-allocating police funds (defunding), his terrorist supporters are setting cities on fire and assaulting police.

In Biden’s America, Joe, his democrat buddies and the leftist media tell us that racial justice protests are a righteous reason to be in the streets spreading COVID-19.

In Biden’s America, Dementia Joe has a press conference where he says the president is stoking violence, when for four years, Joe’s supporters have attacked republicans with little to no repercussions. 

In Biden’s America, Dementia Joe has a press conference where he continues to go after police and speak lie after lie about right wing militias being the problem.

In Biden’s America, Black Lives Matter terrorists call for the killing of white people and the destruction of America with no condemnation from Joe or Kamala.

That’s Biden’s America.

Where people don’t matter. 

Only votes do.