Journalist Andy Ngo from The Post Millennial has been on top of the rioting in our cities for months, especially in Portland. 

He’s been relentlessly covering the rioting, exposing what is going on with the Antifa and BLM mobs. Part of his reporting includes publishing the mug shot photos and arrest information on the people who have actually been arrested.

Most of these accused terrorists get let out of jail right away, which Ngo also reports on.

Ngo has more than 710,000 followers on Twitter and quite frankly, I am surprised that Twitter hasn’t silenced him yet for reporting the truths about the democratic terrorists and what they are up to.

Right now, these poor terrorists are very upset that Ngo is publishing their photo and arrest information on his Twitter site. They say that their lives have been “upended” because of Ngo.


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They don’t seem to care about upending the lives of police officers by cracking their skulls or trying to seal them into a building before they light it on fire.

They don’t seem to care about upending the lives of businesses who have had to close because their stores got burned down or it’s too dangerous for anyone to walk in their doors.

They don’t seem to care about the innocent people who live in the area they are rioting in and want their lives back.

So, no, I’m not crying any tears over these degenerate terrorists. Is their life more difficult now? Good.

All Andy Ngo is doing is re-publishing something already available to anyone on government websites. It’s public record.

According to Willamette Week, one of the alleged criminals who is an upset crybaby is Ragina Gray who was charged with interfering with an officer, resisting arrest and other crimes. She is upset because she’s been harassed since her mug shot was posted online. 

She was arrested at a Portland Antifa “protest” and was quickly bailed out like most of her rioting friends. She has even brought her children with her to the “protests” and they are only ages nine and four. Pretty abhorrent behavior.

Gray said about the children, “They’re scared that someone’s going to kill me.”

Hm… I can think of a few ways to alleviate that fear. 

Don’t be a criminal. Don’t try to attack police. Take care of your children. Be a good parent. 

Another dismayed alleged terrorist, Phillip Wenzel, has decided to lay low with his blinds closed because he’s afraid. 

It’s pretty ironic how they these AntifaBLM terrorists can attack police, assault people and commit arson but once they are called out and exposed, they don’t like it that the tables got turned. They probably figured that their fake “coronavirus masks” would hide them from the public knowing who they are.

Wenzel’s mug shot was published after being arrested for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, interfering with police and disorderly conduct. Wenzel was released the next day. 

Ngo released Welzel’s bio, which included the name of the law firm where he works. Other Twitter users threatened to release additional information about the Wenzels. Because of this, the Wenzels deactivated all of their social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram and FB.

The terrorists have been doxing police officers so it looks like the public took a page from their playbook. 

Wenzel doesn’t seem to see his place in this drama. He has brought it to his door. He is the one to blame.

And apparently, he doesn’t see anything wrong with a hobby that necessitates that you put on a full gas respirator, mask, bike helmet and a bulletproof vest before you leave the house.

The good news is that Wenzel actually had consequences for his actions and was laid off from his law firm. 

Wenzel and his wife say they now suffer from anxiety.


I’m sure the police officers suffer from anxiety too from violent criminals throwing projectiles at them every day. I’m sure their spouses, parents and children suffer from anxiety as well.

Then there is April Epperson, who actually works in a public school. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer. A fine example for the children of America. 

She is distressed about receiving threatening emails after her information was released on Twitter.

Ngo has responded regarding his posting of arrested criminals. He said, “If you feel that transparency and public right to know should be outweighed by arrestee rights to privacy, this is a complaint for the legislature, not for journalists reporting in compliance with state and federal law. A better question would be, ‘Why do some journalists feel compelled to hide the identities of suspected criminals from the public?’ Whose interests does the suppression of criminal arrest data serve?”

Ngo continued, “I believe my duty as a journalist includes informing the public about individuals who are believed by criminal authorities to be sufficiently dangerous to the public that they meet the standard for arrest.”

I couldn’t agree more. If the “justice” system is going to keep releasing these people from jail, we deserve to know who they are.