The Biden/Harris ticket is not winning over any new groups of voters and they don’t seem to be increasing any extra people into their usual coalition of special interest groups.

The only increase in voters they might see in November will be the AntifaBLM terrorist youth vote. But they didn’t come out to vote for Crooked Hillary after she beat Bernie in the primary so this voting bloc is probably pretty small. They’re too busy playing video games, rioting and collecting George Soros checks.

That’s why the democrats are counting on the fake people vote – the mail in ballots full of dead people, illegals and other assorted illegitimate voters.

Trump, on the other hand, has many loyal and enthusiastic groups with REAL people and they are increasing in numbers. These votes should hopefully be enough to outweigh the cheating and fraud that the democrats are currently working on.

Women – Trump will gain more women voters because women want their families to be safe and they want to be able to pay their bills. Trump offers this to them. Biden offers the opposite. And mothers want their kids in school. Democrats and their liberal school union funding partners do not.

Blacks – Trump had 8% support of black voters in 2016. I believe he will double that this time due to the progress he has made for them over the past 3.5 years including more jobs; opportunity zones for black owned businesses; HBCU funding and criminal justice reform. 

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The blacks who are paying attention to what’s going on in the real world, see improvements in their lives under Trump, and that’s something they haven’t seen from a president in a long time.

Gun Owners – This one is obvious. The democrats are going after guns and the police. The country is becoming unsafe. Now, more than ever, people have to protect themselves. And with democrats going directly after the NRA to shut them down, the gun owners will come out in big numbers to vote for Trump.

Religious People – Churches are under assault all over the country by democrats who are shutting them down, using the coronavirus as an excuse. Pot shops and casinos are open but some churches are not. God is essential and the democrats are turning people off because they aren’t supporting American values.

The Energy Sector – Between Trump getting rid of regulations and rules that the Obama administration had put in place to kill our energy sector and add to that the promises Biden made in his manifesto to adhere to many parts of Bernie Sander’s Green New Deal, there is no way anyone working in the energy sector is going to vote for Biden. A President Joe would mean the end of fossil fuel, low energy costs and capitalism.

Police Officers – The law enforcement community, past and present, will be voting for Trump in big numbers because he has their backs. I’m guessing that about 90% of them (or more) will be voting for Trump. The country is on fire and the democrats are buying the matches.

Business Owners – With democratic governors all over the country shutting down businesses because of perceived COVID-19 threats and little data to back them up, they have put millions of people out of work. Businesses are closed, some permanently. 

Biden promises to shut things down again (unconstitutionally) if his mad scientists tell him to do so. 

Subcategories in this voting bloc include many VERY inspired business owners who can’t wait to vote for Trump – people who own businesses that have been unfairly affected by democratic politicians throughout the shutdown – bowling alleys, gyms, hair salons, and more.

Disaffected Democrats – The 60+ democrat voter (the ones who weren’t pot smoking hippies back in the ’60s) have no idea what has happened to their democrat party. It’s unrecognizable. It’s been taken over by the public face of Bernie and AOC, ran by the Obama administration and funded by George Soros. Their ideas are insane and get more insane every day. These democrats will switch over to vote for Trump, or in some cases, not vote for a president at all which is still a win for Trump.

Independents – These people are like the disaffected democrats. They find it unbelievable what is happening in their country right now. 

They will choose civilization over revolution.

Like the rest of us.