Biden’s mob doesn’t care what they destroy. Statues, buildings, businesses, people… whatever.

Lawlessness begets lawlessness when people aren’t put in jail for crimes. They are emboldened to continue their criminal behavior and others join in.

In the beginning, these criminals used a racial justice issue to pretend they had a moral justification for their actions but they are just criminals and have no moral process of picking and choosing who “deserves” their wrath and who is innocent.

The innocents don’t matter. Many of the BLM leaders have told us that the looters deserve their spoils. It’s reparations.

So is the violence. 

It’s payback.

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They are in a revolution, after all. 

They don’t care if they set a fire and your baby happens to die.

They don’t care if they assault a police officer who has a family of five, two dogs and a sick mom to support.

They don’t care if they burn down a church or a family business.

They will go anywhere and do anything.

They are criminals.

Over the weekend, a cow statue was stolen from a South Haven, Michigan ice cream shop and another was valdalized. 

Are the cows racist? Don’t think so. 

Are the cows democrat or republican? Don’t know.

Have the cows ever done anything bad to anyone or “uddered” a bad word? (sorry)

Probably not.

Nevertheless, three criminals from Grand Rapids decided that they had the right to vandalize and loot someone else’s property. 

Because they felt like it. 

A standard has been set by the democrats and their leftist media friends that it’s okay to destroy or steal what you want. You deserve it. And you won’t get punished if you are a part of their mob. 

America’s youth has gotten the memo and they’re doing what they want.

In this case, the Baby Blue and Blue Moo statues were the latest victims of the mob. They are statues at the Sherman’s Dairy Bar and are icons in West Michigan. Blue Moo was tipped over and Baby Blue was cownapped.

The cownapping was shared on social media and it helped the South Haven Police Department to nab the three suspects from Grand Rapids in less than 12 hours. Baby Blue was returned along with Blue Moo’s missing ears. 

According to the Sherman’s Dairy Bar’s Facebook page, because Baby Blue received some injuries, she’ll get some repairs and the cows will be reunited in the spring. 

Elvis would be pleased. You can’t have ice cream without milk and you can’t have milk without cows.

In his song, “Milkcow Blues Boogie” Elvis sings, “Well, if you’ve seen my milk cow, Please ride her on home. I ain’t had no milk or butter since the cow’s been gone.”

Poor Elvis was also a target of the democrat’s mob recently. 

The Elvis Presley Estate, Graceland, in Memphis Tennessee, got vandalized with “Defund the Police,” “BLM,” and “Abolish Ice” graffiti on the sidewalk of Elvis Presley Boulevard and on the stone wall around the mansion.

So far Graceland doesn’t have a comment. That doesn’t surprise me. They don’t want to be firebombed or “cancelled” by the democratic mob.

The graffiti is on top of hundreds of messages that were handwritten with words of affection to Elvis and the staff is trying to power-wash the graffiti off.

It appears that nothing is off limits to the criminal mob in Biden’s America and the mob will continue to increase their bad behavior because otherwise they don’t get the press that they crave.

Who are their next targets? Infants? Pets? The White House?

Or is it you?