Democrat vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris and her running mate, Joe Biden, over the last two days have slammed as “violence” the events that only last week they termed, as did most members of their party, “peaceful protests.”

We can only assume they now are against the constitutional right to assemble, as why would anyone deplore “peaceful protests” when the very same people are “protesting” in the very same way they were protesting last week?

The truth is that Harris and her sock puppet/ticket patsy have not changed their minds at all. They see the violent arsonists, murderers, looters, vandals, and apparently pederasts who roam the streets in their name as only one thing: a means to an end. That end is total power.

Up until less than 72 hours ago Antifa and Black Lives Matter did the bidding of Harris and partner as their pawns. Biden took a knee for them. Harris called them heroes. Other Democrats, like Jerry Nadler of New York, said to call these peaceful demonstrations riots was a “myth.” So what changed? The poll numbers.

Like Nixon in 1968 and 1972, domestic unrest plays right into the hands of the law and order candidate. In ’72 it gave Nixon one of the largest landslides in American history. To wind up and set loose these Bolshevik cretins has been a political mistake of the highest order by the Democrats. Egged on by Sanders and AOC, they encouraged these filthy urchins only to find that swing voters in Middle America were repulsed and black voters were disgusted. Hence the president’s rising poll numbers that bring him into a virtual tie with Harris and her gaga uncle going into the fall.

And now, aside from this hilariously non-credible switcheroo, what is the latest Democrat tactic? Wait for it…to blame the riots on Trump. Joe Biden blames the president for “fomenting” the riots. Yup, the Democrats think the American people will buy the notion that the very same people who have been damning the president and the first lady to holy hell for months were, in fact, instigated to action by the president himself.

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Well, if Biden is correct and Donald Trump secretly planned these riots knowing that the political fallout would benefit him, then the president should be reelected by acclamation on the basis of his genius alone.

By sadly that is unlikely and thus our eyes and ears have been telling us the truth for quite some time. These riots have been coordinated and executed by people in ideological sympathy with the Democrat Party and perhaps in much closer coordination with the Democrats than is presently known.

It is an example of the low opinion they have of the American people that the Democrats would try and sell them both the switcheroo and Trump blame within the space of about two days. All the evidence for several months has been to the contrary. But that doesn’t stop the Democrats and their lapdog media from claiming it anyway. It is indeed, in the annals of political malpractice, a sight to behold.