For a while there, Republican Senator Mitt Romney was a revered Rino politician by the democrats because he seemed to be voting against the Republicans on important issues and put out an anti-Trump vibe. 

They especially showed Romney the love when he voted to impeach Trump.

Loser democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said that Mitt’s vote to convict Trump was an act of patriotism and she thanked him. Many others did the same, calling him courageous and they said that his speech on the Senate floor was important and inspiring.

Former adviser to Obama, David Axelrod, tweeted his praise when he said, “Half a century ago, Mitt Romney’s dad (George) earned a reputation as a courageous apostate, taking on his own party over civil rights and extremism. He would be proud of his son today.”

Romney was a rock star.

But his rock star status has changed to being the slime that is on a cockroach under a rock.

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Now that Romney has told everyone that he’s willing to consider and vote for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, the leftists are having a hissy fit.

They’ve gone back to their standard rants that they had when Romney ran for president against Obama.

They’re reminding people that Romney put his dog in a crate on the roof of his car and drove him around and they’re also disparaging his Mormon religion again. They’re calling him a liar and a traitor and worse yet, a “republican.”

The current hate for Romney is almost as bad as the hate for Orange Man bad.

Cher is accusing Mitt of being bought off by the republicans and said that Hell awaits men who sell their souls. 

I’m not even sure if Cher sings anymore. Her Twitter feeds is basically just a Trump-hating rant every day.

She tweeted that Romney must be held personally responsible for no healthcare, the end of social security, the end of regulations protecting America, the fires in California and the hurricanes.

Wow. I didn’t know Romney was that powerful. I thought Trump was the one ending social security and is the one responsible for all the fires.

NYT columnist Charles M. Blow tweeted, “Remember when Mitt Romney participated in a BLM protest. Now he’s perfectly ok with Trump ramming through a SCOTUS justice who will tilt the court away from progress and equality for a generation. Don’t let these performative acts of solidarity fool you.”

Sorry, Mitt. Guess your “Black Lives Matter” hashtag has an expiration date.

So did your impeachment vote. 

Columnist and former Coloradio candidate for US Senate Trish Zonio tweeted, “Mitt Romney just threw away any integrity he gained from his impeachment vote.”

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Especially fleeting democratic love.