Well, they can try.

The president went to Kenosha, Wisconsin anyway because we still live in a semi-free country.

Since the pandemic started, tyrannical governors have decided if we can go to work, the grocery store, our gym, our job, or our church. 

For some insane reason, we have allowed this to happen with little push back, at least in the beginning.

It was truly amazing how quickly we let the government dissolve our basic rights. 

Because the government was able to strip away our rights so easily, things only got worse and many governors are still imposing draconian lockdowns and mandates on their states.

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Emergency mandates are something the democrats actually think override the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

They use fear to get away with their tyranny.

People think, “Maybe the government is right. I’ll do my part.”

They’re not right. 

They have no actual science or data because they refuse to do any “real” experiments to prove their theories are true.

Do masks really work? Does the virus spread from touching a pen? Does it really help standing six feet away from someone? What about seven?

It’s been about five months now. The fact that there are no answers to these questions – from our country or anywhere else – that tells me that it’s all bogus. They don’t want to tell us the truth. 

And then we have the fact that the COVID-19 numbers are inaccurate whether it’s about cases or deaths but they still think they can control our lives with their fake information and fake numbers.

It’s time for some push back against these idiots controlling our lives.

But it’s not just the COVID-19 fear that is behind the democrats being bullies and telling us what we can do and where we can go.

They think they are entitled to make demands now that they have a terrorist mob to threaten everyone.

President Trump was told by the democratic Wisconsin governor not to go to Kenosha. 

It’s not his call. The president can go anywhere he wants. 

So can we.

After the christian Trump supporter was shot and killed in Portland, I saw the democrats and media not just blaming Trump, but blaming the caravan of supporters for driving into Portland.

They were asking for it.

They were looking for trouble.


So peaceful, pro-police Trump supporters are banned from going to certain places because rioting democrats can’t control themselves and not kill people?

Good to know.

I guess if the Trump supporters wore Biden shirts and looted and burned down buildings, they’d be welcomed like the AntifaBLM terrorists are.

Sorry, dems. 

We can go anywhere we want. And we will.

Just like Trump. 

We won’t let you destroy our country without giving our opinion on the matter. 

We will have Trump boat parades and pro-police marches and we will put up Trump signs in our yard.

We will not be scared into submission.

We will support good while you support evil.

Maybe some of you remember the repulsive group from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas? They used to go to veterans’ funerals and to cemeteries to protest homosexuality so that they would get media coverage.

They would hold signs that said things like, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and kick around the American flag.

Disgusted people, many of them motorcycle-riding veterans, would counter-protest and block the entrance to the cemeteries to keep the idiots away from the mourners. 

The good people pushed back against the bad people. 

That’s what Americans do.

Just like they did in Portland when they drove a pro-police Trump supporting caravan through the city.

And the democrats executed one of them. 

But the Trump supporters are apparently the ones who are not welcomed.

Not the terrorists and murders. They are free to stay as long as they want.

Democrats have become bullies. This is painfully obvious. 

We can only believe what they believe and we must raise our fists in solidarity with their beliefs.

So if there is an Antifa/BLM rally in my town, what they want to do is scare us into not having a pro-police rally across the street from them.

We are not welcomed.

Why? Because they can’t control themselves and we might get assaulted or killed.

It will be our fault if something happens.

That’s really what the democrats are really saying.

Oppose us at your own risk.