The celebrities and politicians support the “defund the police” insanity because they are the elite and could care less what happens to us peons out here and if we’re able to keep our families safe.

But they are the first to make sure they get the protection they need.

Kamala Harris has police and Secret Service protection, agents with assault weapons, because she is a VP candidate.

The Seattle City Council who reduced the police department’s funding recently had their own security details during the rioting – paid for by taxpayer dollars.

The celebrities who demand that the police be defunded also all have their own security details. Lots of bodyguards and guns. And fences and gates and walls to keep people away from them.

Hypocrite Alyssa Milano is one of those celebrities who doesn’t walk the talk.

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In June of 2020, Milano complained about a West Virginia police department getting a military vehicle. She asked why they got it and pointed to other ways to use the money. She tweeted, “To protect and serve? Please. How many hungry children would the cost of this tank feed How many community programs would this serve? How many classroom supplies or childcare programs? Mental health services?”

In July, she urged her Twitter followers to sign the “People’s Budget LA” that demands a 90% reduction in police funding.

In August, she tweeted “Defund the police.”

Does that include getting rid of helicopters as well, Alyssa? Maybe selling them off to pay for a school lunch program?

Looks like hypocrite Milano called the police pretty darned quick on Sunday when she thought a gunman was on her property. The police showed up in force with about a dozen officers, vehicles, guns, a K9 unit, the fire department and even a HELICOPTER.

Milano had heard what she thought was gunshots on her $2.5 million property. The police searched for a male in his 40’s with a “long rifle” and ended up finding a teen with an air gun shooting squirrels after investigating for three hours.

According to the Daily Mail, the neighbors are calling the whole thing “Squirrelgate” and one neighbor said, “She can tweet those things (defund the police) because at the end of the day she lives behind gates in a gated community. She knows the police will come to save her. But what about all those people who don’t have that luxury and live in unsafe neighborhoods? She obviously doesn’t care.”