If you were to see one of those space shots that show clusters of lights around global population centers, perhaps some evenings the lights from riots in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Atlanta, Manhattan, Chicago, and Washington, DC would glow from the Earth as markers of something awful and malicious.

However, there’s another way to look at it. Those fires can be thought of as beacons, warnings of what’s to come if Americans don’t come to the aid of other Americans in November.

Taking a page from Tolkien and the Peter Jackson films of his stories, when the beacons are lit a free nation is calling for allied aid. In the story that support is forthcoming and ultimately victorious, as Jackson meant it to be in an allusion to WWII alliances.

But no friendly foreign power will come to our aid at the polling place, though some Democrat allied adversaries may try to influence the election in other ways. Generally, we’re on our own.

But are we up to it? It is a hard pill to swallow that a majority of our fellow voters across America may vote for a political party, the Democrats, that seeks to do this nation harm through violence and virtual street warfare extortion. Nevertheless, it is the reality.

Whether it is by family tradition, class hatred, racial hatred, gullibility, stupidity, or just a very deep self-loathing, these Americans face off with those of us who will defend liberty.

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It’s happening on the streets now in an undeclared war. For Antifa and Black Lives Matter, as in the Al Stewart song “Roads to Moscow,” “…the flames of the Tigers are lighting the road to Berlin.” The left thinks these flames will make us cower. Because they are materialists, they can’t understand that free men and women value some things over comfort. The left, as they riot under the protective lifestyle umbrella of their parent’s money, will find out our measure in that regard sure enough if push comes to further shove.

But these flames, this light that illuminates so many aspects of the Democrats and their domestic terrorist pals, are also pathfinders. Where they burn brave people like Kyle Rittenhouse will go. Where the torch is used for ill, it will also shine to showcase the twisted malevolent features of those who bring it. As we saw on the streets of Kenosha, sometimes the left brings the torch at their own risk.

In the ongoing struggle that will not end in November, these flames of burning cities are a wake up call to what’s left of freedom. Do we let our flame, the light of liberty, be snuffed out by the forces of authoritarian socialism? Or do we fight back, letting beacons across a dark America lead us to where the fight is and will be? If we value this land, then that light, however unintentional, will show us the way.