The hand of your child’s virtual teacher is long and reaches into your living room if your kid is participating in on-line learning. 

Do you think you live in America and that you have a Bill of Rights? Not so much if your child’s school has a live feed into your house.

Is there a BB gun in one of your rooms that shows up on camera for a teacher to see? Watch out. The po-po will be after your kid. A New Orleans teacher called the cops when they saw a BB gun near a fourth-grader. He was suspended.

The family’s attorney called it an injustice and systemic failure. She said, “They’re applying on-campus rules to these children even though they’re learning virtually in their own homes.”

A similar fate fell upon a 12-year-old student near Colorado Springs who got a visit from the police and was suspended for playing on-camera with a toy “Zombie Hunter” Nerf gun that was NEON GREEN with an orange tip and is obviously not a real gun. The student was also recorded without the parent’s permission.

The latest insanity includes a Chemistry teacher in Northern California who freaked out when she saw a “Trump 2020” flag behind a student. This poor kid didn’t get the cops called on him but the teacher threatened him that he had 15 seconds to remove the flag. And if he refused? She said he’d be kicked out of class.

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The teacher threatened the student by saying, “You can sit up, remove the flag, or reposition your camera within the next 15 seconds or I’m kicking you out of class.” And she counted out loud. 

What did the student do? Before the teacher stopped counting, he signed off from the class. He waved on his way out. 

Bye-bye, tyrannical snowflake.

The new teacher has since apologized and the mother of the student doesn’t blame her because the school has offered the teachers no code of conduct guidance on political speech.

The State’s Education Code 48907 mostly agrees with the Constitution and says that students have freedom of speech and press inside and outside of the school system – with limitations of course.

Just think about what will happen if Biden were to win the presidency and the democrats regain the Senate. Think about all the things they’d be able to arrest your kid for while they are spying into your house.

Because we all know that the democrats would be gaining access to that feed.