If you’re as familiar with Philadelphia politics as I am, I worked as a political consultant in Pennsylvania for almost two decades, then you know how Democrats play city hardball. It’s thus no surprise and completely acceptable to the Democrats when Black Panthers have shown up at city polling places, as they have regularly since 2008. They generally stick to the city to silently intimidate black voters. They don’t make a ruckus. They show up festooned for trouble but then just stand there, a silent warning to anyone who would not support the Democrats.

Rumor is they have ventured into the lilly white Philadelphia upscale Democrat suburbs now and again to stare down accountants and soccer moms. Gawd, to have been there for that, to watch spindly males and suddenly quiet Karens internally quake so much to bring on a cheap Chardonnay binge once they get home. Jolly good fun.

The Democrat national party has taken note and the rumor in DC today, actually being bragged about by DNC types, is that Antifa and Black Lives Matter plan to execute the same suburban move nationwide at GOP-leaning polling places in November.

But only in the Republican burbs. Between guilty white liberals and blacks in political thralldom the urban areas are in no need of their tender mercies. And given Antifa and Black Lives Matter have no wish to come up against good ol’ boys spoiling for a fight in the country or exurbs, the suburbs is where the action is for them.

What can be done about this? Unless they make a blatant move of pressure or intimidation, not a bloody thing. And given a ballot is secret, what do they hope to accomplish? Easy. Just as in urban neighborhoods they will silently communicate a message: “Nice place you have here. It would be ashamed if anything happened to it, like a riot or arson or looting, or something.” The message indirectly comes down to: “If this precinct goes for Trump you’ll see us again. So don’t be stupid. Protect your family and your home. No big deal, just give us your one vote, for Biden.”

Do DHS, DOJ, RNC, and local law enforcement know about these plans? They likely do. But again, as long as the Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs stay on public property and don’t raise a fuss, there’s not much to be done. That is, unless some pro-Trump or militia groups also come to play. Which could be an end game strategy for the Democrats. If they can provoke pro-Trump groups into agitation they can claim they were attacked. That could cause suburban voters to stay away from the polls, lest they step into a riot zone. That means potentially lower turnout in GOP-leaning burbs.

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This is part and parcel of the Democrat plan to lie, cheat, and steal their way into the White House. If they can’t do that outright, they will muddy the waters so much as to make any result questionable and a second Trump term supposedly illegitimate. So strap yourself in, for at least several more years this is going to be a bumpy ride.