Just when you think the democrats can’t sink any lower, they surprise you. Yes, they CAN sink lower.

If Trump does something, they are against it. Doesn’t really matter if that “something” improves the country, helps other countries or even saves lives. 

Doesn’t even matter if President Trump brokers peace in the Middle East.

And apparently, the democrats think they can win an election with this strategy. Good luck with that.

Sorry, dems. People with a brain see the peace deal for what it is. Something that’s been in the works for a while – a historic event that’s one of the top five accomplishments that Trump has achieved in his presidency. Voters care about this and will remember it at election time. 

Trump is currently in the middle of a Peace Rampage, helping to negotiate peace in the Middle East. 

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It turns out that Trump is our peace president. He got us out of the Iran deal, decimated ISIS and killed two big-time terrorists among other things. Now he’s making the entire Middle East a safer place. 

Although he gets no credit from the democrats or the leftist media, Trump’s been able to get two peace deals signed with Israel. There are now normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel. They will have embassies and have ambassadors to each other.

This is historic. If any other president did this, it’d be the best thing that happened in decades.

At the signing on Tuesday with Israeli Prime MInister Bejamin Netanyahu, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed-al Nahyan and Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalif, Trump said, “We’re here to change the course of history. This is an incredible day for the world.”

No kidding.  

Trump also said there are more nations ready to follow with their own peace deals with Israel.

There was also a peace deal brokered earlier in September between Serbia and Kosovo.

The Palestinian terrorist leaders have condemned Trump’s peace effort. Who cares? Trump is a man of action and he’s moving ahead, with or without them.

While Trump is working on peace in the Middle East, the Trump hating democrats are losing their minds.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that Trump is using the deals as a “distraction” from his pandemic response and whined about the fact that there is no peace agreement between Palestine and Israel.

Pelosi said, “Good for him to have a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the number of people that are dying from this virus only increases.”

Anti-Israel Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar retweeted “Israel’s normalization deals with the UAE and Bahrain will not bring peace to the Middle East. If anything, they will only embolden oppressive regimes and encourage abuses of international law.”

In the past, she’s made many anti-Israel statements and has backed the Palestinians. She calls Gaza an “occupied” territory and wants “real justice.”

On Twitter, the anti-semites and anti-Trumpers were not happy.

Anonymous tweeted, “Countries not at war sign a ‘peace agreement’ to normalize the illegal occupation and apartheid of Palestine by Israel, increase trade/tourism and the sales of weapons of war. A win for human rights violators worldwide.”

And in an interview with sourpuss CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Jared Kushner said of the peace deals, “A lot of the people that criticized the approach we took with this deal are the same people that said if Trump were elected, he’d start World War III. Quite frankly, that hasn’t worked. Today the President signed two peace deals.”

Blitzer doesn’t care about the peace deal in the Middle East. He took his time during the segment to bitch about the leaders not wearing masks while signing the peace deals and the fact that the hundreds of guests did not either.

Kushner pushed back and told the hypocrite that CNN had no problems with the protesters and rioters in the streets not social distancing. He also said that most of the presidents events are set outside and attendees are encouraged, but not forced, to wear masks because we still live in a free country with first amendment rights.

What are first amendment rights? I don’t think Wolf and his democrats have a clue. Unless it pertains to their rioting friends, of course.

Gee, Wolf, no questions about the peace deal? What a shock!