Liberals, especially the mega-rich actors, like to pretend they are woke and they love everyone. They love gays, blacks, hispanics and women, right?


They only love gay democrats, black democrats, hispanic democrats and female democrats. If you are a minority, you only matter if you are a DEMOCRAT minority.

We all know this to be true because we see it on a daily basis.

So what’s the definition of a bigot according to Merriam-Webster? It’s a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. 

Yep, that’s the democratic party. 

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Democrats are totally intolerant of any differing belief or opinion other than their own. And they ridicule and bully those who don’t agree with them. 

Or assault them. Or set their businesses on fire. Or stand in front of their private homes and harass them and their families.

Republicans, conservatives, and especially Trump supporters, are ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

If you’re a black conservative, you are called all kinds of ugly names. 

If you are a conservative actor, you are harassed and blacklisted.

If you are a gay Republican, you are mocked and actually stalked and assaulted by democrat mobs after leaving the Republican National Convention like Brandon Straka. 

No, the democratic party is NOT the party of tolerance, love and acceptance.

Democrats only care about democrats. That’s a fact.

And this fact was completely on display at the Emmy awards show on Sunday which has become a platform for them to spew their anti-Trump venom as well as tell each other how great they are.

They chanted “Black Lives Matter” even though the organization is a terrorist group. They told jokes about Trump and his supporters and they made sure everyone knew how they are supposed to think and vote. 

They used the award show as their personal stage to vent their political frustrations and be rude to people who aren’t in their special democratic clique.

Actor Mark Ruffalo asked people to vote for “compassion and kindness” because you know, those are only democratic traits. He described the other side as “division and hatred” while he went on to spew his division and hatred for Trump supporters.

Regina King said, while accepting the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie, “We gotta vote. Have a voting plan. Be a good human. Rest in power RBG.”

Yes you are not a good human if you vote for Trump.

These people bullies and haters.

Remember when bullying used to be a bad thing and actors actually told people not to do it? Those days are long gone.

These rich elitists who have no real talent other than to pretend to be other people for money think they are the cool people and that their opinions matter. 

They don’t.

I think they have forgotten that, in 2016, no one cared about their opinions either. All of their fundraisers and concerts and money and tweets couldn’t get Crooked Hillary elected. That must have been a big blow to their egos.

They are unhinged lunatics and are currently calling out to everyone to stop Trump’s confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice by any means necessary.

Michael Moore, Rob Reiner and just about every other unimportant celebrity on Twitter right now are losing their mind and calling for democratic action to stop Trump from getting another conservative judge on the bench. 

Any democratic action.

Riots, impeachment, radicalizing, shutting down the government…. whatever it takes.

Never mind that Trump’s nominee may be a woman or even a woman of color. 

The nominee could be a gay, black, female, Muslim, disabled war veteran and they wouldn’t care.

The nominee won’t be a democrat – and it will be a Trump nominee. 

That’s all that matters to them.

And the bigots will expose themselves to the country.