There’s no pussyfooting around it anymore. 

When the opposing political party is trying to burn down your house and kill you, you call them out for who they are.

We all have seen the rioting, the defund and abolish police graffiti, the “kill whitey” signs, the “f*ck Trump” signs, the arson, the attacks on cops, molotov cocktails and bricks being thrown, U-Hauls rented with riot gear to go up against police, and democratic trolls on Twitter and the news media calling on their supporters to burn the system down.

The revolution is here and it isn’t any revolution that is going to benefit freedom-loving law-abiding American citizens. 

And this comes after an almost four-year coup against Trump by the Obama administration and his corrupt friends that continues to this day with the help of deep state saboteurs.

These criminals want power. They want THEIR government and only their government and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

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The AntifaBLM militia arm of the democrat party are criminals and terrorists and they’ve already murdered innocent citizens and police in their “quest for justice” which was never a real quest for justice other than about the first two days after George Floyd was killed.

The democrats have an insurrection movement now, a revolution. It’s an insurrection against the police, capitalism and the American way of life. 

And it’s personal now. 

It’s against us. Every one of us. We are the targets.

Impotent and supportive mayors and democratic governors allow the violence to happen with no consequences of law and order.

Because of that, the terrorists are perfectly fine going into a residential neighborhood and setting your house on fire because you have a Trump sign.

This IS the democratic party. They have a militia now to help further their political goals. Also backing them up is academia, Hollywood and the leftist media.

Killing their enemies is no longer off limits.

Race baiter and VP candidate Kamala Harris calls the Black Lives Matter movement “essential” and  “brilliant” in their ongoing fight for justice and has also told everyone that the “protests” will continue, even past the election.

She was right and they’re only getting more violent.

I was walking through my living room on Friday when I heard a news report that someone set a fire to a family’s garage around 4:00 a.m. in Minnesota because they are Trump supporters and had a large Trump 2020 sign.

The evidence? The genius criminals tagged the garage with democratic graffiti.

The family, who lives in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, has two small children, ages 2-year-old and five-months-old. Luckily, everyone is okay. 

Even the three dogs and five puppies who were in the garage are alive – they were saved with the help of the firefighters and police. 

The family lost their garage, two cars, a camper, the Trump sign and thousands of dollars in tools that were in the garage. The house has minor damage. There is a Go Fund Me fundraiser set up that has raised a little over $16,000 by Monday afternoon.

The family, Dennis and Deana Molla and their kids, was asleep when the fire broke out. Deana Molla, the mother, told the Star Tribune, “We heard an explosion that shook the house.” She ran to the basement to get her husband, who was quarantining after getting COVID-19.

Dennis climbed out of the basement window and saw three people running away. 

The fire is deemed suspicious and is being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco Firearms and Explosives as well as the FBI. 

This story made me sick to my stomach.

I was outraged but not surprised.

And I don’t know why I keep expecting Biden to call an immediate press conference when something like this happens to tell his supporters to back down and stop the insanity. 

But he just doesn’t care. 

Biden said the other day in response to Trump’s question about the transition of power, “What country are we living in?”

Exactly, Joe. Answer the question. What country are we living in where you don’t vigorously denounce the violence your supporters are doing and demand them to stop?

But he never does. 

He gives it a little lip service every once in a while that he doesn’t approve of the rioting but it’s only been a few times in passing. It’s not a call to action. He’s not pissed off about it.

Biden, Kamala and the democrats are truly disgusting and evil people.

The democratic mayors and governors let their cities burn and allow lives to be destroyed and even when the criminals are arrested, they have low bail, no bail or they get bailed out by the democrat’s bail funding accounts that Harris promotes.

Spray painted on the Molla’s garage before the fire was a freshly spray-painted “Biden 2020” and “BLM” and an anarchy symbol that was caught on surveillance video.

So there you go – a campaign ad – and an admission of WHO exactly is destroying our country and going after innocent people in the name of the democratic party.

The arsonists at that house could see toys and a jungle gym visible to the them in the backyard. They didn’t care that the family had children inside of the house.

More than a week earlier, someone had driven by Dennis’ work site and took pictures of his truck with the Trump sign. Later, feces was left at his vehicle.

Dennis, who was born in Ukraine and moved to our country when he was four years old said to the Star Tribune, “I think things have gotten way out of control. I’m not one of those confrontational people. I just feel very sorry for my parents, just because they wanted to leave the USSR for us to have a better life and future and live in America. For them to see me express my beliefs as a Republican, it’s crazy to think it has come down to this.”

This is Joe Biden’s America. 

This is what the democrats are willing to let happen in order to regain their power.