The Democrats aren’t blind, deaf, or dumb. Well, maybe dumb. Nevertheless, they can see what a cognitively weak nominee Joe Biden is. They also know they have a fair shot, mostly because of COVID and the economy, of winning the presidency.

Thus their choice of a veep nominee was telling. After appeasing the hard left in the primary season you’d think, per smart tradition, they’d run to the middle for the general election, as that’s where the winning swing voters are stationed. But with Kamala Harris they’ve stayed hard left.

If Biden is elected and then, as many expect, becomes so out of his mind it can’t be hidden like Woodrow Wilson hid it, then the 25th Amendment could be invoked and Kamala Harris would be president. How would she govern? Let’s see where she stands on issues.

Abortion- Any place, any time. For full and partial birth abortions and any other kind you can name. If you renamed first degree murder “very late term abortion” she’d be all for it. So, she’ll do all she can to advance an infant genocide that would make Herod the Great look like an amateur.

Race- Believes, like any good Kluxer, that one race is bad and another should have preferential treatment. So, if you’re a government-approved race, gender, sexual group, or just general deviant, your ticket is punched. Anybody else? Less than meh. Thus President Kamala will try, by executive order, to institutionalize left wing racism across America.

Healthcare- Ever seen a movie of battlefield healthcare during the civil war? You know, dirty medical spaces and gruesome practices? Well, if you like that you’ll love Kamalacare. No technical innovations, no new drugs, less doctors, but hey, most of us will share the misery! Except for government higher ups. They’ll get executive treatment at special clinics. After all, someone has to be healthy to lead the vanguard of the proletariat.

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Border Security- Easy. There will be none.

National Security- Remember that Obama era picture of our sailors on their knees in front of the Iranians? Well, multiply that ten fold and you’ll have the courage and geopolitical acumen of President Kamala. Our allies like Israel and India will be sold out and the Chinese and Iranians will run amok from continent to continent. When faced with a challenge we will back down and appease, lest we look at all menacing to our new best pals in Beijing and Tehran.

Economy- Well, at least the riots and COVID should magically dissappear, as the press details a new golden age of peace and prosperity. Of course, when the economy tanks some more because of green edicts and astronomical taxes on wealth and business and the GOP takes back the House in 2022, all the crashing and burning economic wreckage will be blamed on Mitch McConnell and the evil Republican Senate, then the evil Republican Congress. Think 1977-1981, sort of. And then? President Noem should have a very nice inaugural.