President Trump held a press conference on Saturday where he outlined the demands that democrats put in their coronavirus bill to steal the election. 

He told the American people that the democrats were obstructing badly needed money for the American people while also demanding the following in their coronavirus bill…

– A ban on voter ID in all states

– A ban on requirements on signature verification in all states

– Requiring all states to do universal mail in balloting 

– Forcing states to implement ballot harvesting

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– Giving illegal aliens stimulus checks

– Mass release of illegals from detention

– Mass release of inmates from prison, including felons

The president asked, “What does this have to do with the coronavirus?” He said Crazy Nancy and Chuck Schumer are doing things that have nothing to do with what is going on (coronavirus relief).

As for all of the voting demands, Trump said, “You know what it’s about…fraud. That’s what they want. Fraud. They want to try to steal this election because frankly it’s the only way they can win the election.”

He went on to say, “These people… I honestly don’t believe they love our country.”

He described how the democrats were blocking funding for students to get back to school; additional funding for the paycheck protection program; additional funding for hospitals, testing and vaccines; direct payments to families; funding for child care; funding for mental health and more.

After discussing the negotiations (or lack of), the president said, “Democrats are obstructing all of it. Therefore, I am taking executive action. WE’VE HAD IT. And we’re going to save American jobs and provide relief to the American workers.”

He outlined four executive orders that he would be signing at the press conference.

1. Payroll Tax Holiday – For anyone earning less than $100,000, employers will defer payments of the employee portion of certain payroll taxes. This would last through the end of the year and the president said if could be made permanent if he’s re-elected.

2. Eviction Relief – Protections to stop evictions when possible and support offered for those who need help with financial payments.

3. Support for Unemployed – Offered an additional $400 a week for the unemployed (with states covering 25%).

4. Relief to Student Loan Borrowers – Extending the deferment to pay student loans and waiver of interest through end of year.

Trump said, “Through these four actions my administration will provide immediate and vital relief to American struggling in this difficult time.”

He said that he was also looking at additional tax relief including tax cuts and capital gains tax cuts.

Then he walked over to a table, opened up the executive order folders, read a little and signed them all. He said, “So that’s the story. Would anybody like a pen?”

After the pens were handed off to an aid, the rabid media started yelling questions. 

The media consisted mostly of rabid women harassing Trump and scolding him about not giving the unemployed $600, making the states pay for a quarter of it and going around Congress. 

You could also see their disdain for him actually giving relief to WORKING people with the payroll tax cuts. 

It was your usual gaggle of women whining and making statements more than they were asking questions. After putting up with them for a bit, Trump decided to walk away because it was obvious they were there to carry the democrat’s water and didn’t care about the help that was being offered to the American people by Trump vs. nothing from the democrats.

And it sounded like Trump welcomes the democrats to sue him for helping the American people. He said if he gets sued then it’s “somebody that doesn’t want people to get money and that’s not going to be a very popular thing.”