I’ve had enough of the democrats talking about voting for Biden for president because he will unite the country. 

Instead of talking about his leadership and competency, they talk about Biden’s character and personality traits and how he’s a better option than the lying, chaotic, hateful, racist president.

Both Jill Biden and Kamala Harris used their speeches at the Democratic Convention to tell us that Joe will “bring us together.”

Sorry, Democrats. I don’t want to be “together” with you or united in your communism, your racist rhetoric or your anti-American plans. 

I want nothing to do with you. Thanks anyway.

I don’t want to be united with violent communist democrats who are letting their AntifaBLM militia destroy our great cities.

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I don’t want to be united with people who don’t condemn violent assaults against the police, and instead want to get rid of the police.

I don’t want to be united with people who are fine with the abortion of an infant after they are actually born. 

I don’t want to be united with people who defend keeping rapist and murdering illegal aliens in our country. 

I don’t want to be united with people who are actively destroying our economy to win an election.

I don’t want to be united with people who are intolerant – people who yell and scream when they don’t get their way and do their best to get people fired for not believing what they do.

I believe in what the Alcoholics Anonymous Tradition #12 says – Principles above personalities. 

I always have. 

I have never voted for anyone because of their personality. I vote for candidates based on their ideology and what they promise to accomplish – and their past success in a similar position. 


I could care less about stupid stuff like if someone tweets too much (Trump), or if they are pleasant looking and speak well (Obama).

I care about what they stand for and what their plans are for our country.

I care about actual real life things like everyone having the same opportunities, defending the Bill of Rights, taking care of our veterans, supporting Israel, getting rid of regulations so businesses can thrive and other conservative values.

I elect politicians who promise to give us MORE freedom or at least will defend the freedom we have. 

I want the government to stay the heck out of my life as much as possible. That’s the opposite of what democrats want.

President Trump has kept almost every promise on the list of 100 things that he came out with when running for president in his Contract with the American Voter.

That’s what I care about. That is success. And that is why Trump voters stick with him.

The democrats and the Rinos are ALL about personalities. They don’t care about any of Trump’s achievements.

They just hate Trump.

Orange man bad. 

Rino Colin Powell talked at the DNC Convention about how Biden would unite us.

Who cares. 

First of all, it’s not going to happen anyway. LIberals NEVER come to our side. So unity means we’re supposed to go to their side. 

Not gonna happen.

Unification with communists does not give me a tax cut, it does not protect my free speech and gun rights or give better medical care to veterans.

I am not interested in another polished marketed president like Obama, where the democrats make things look good but nothing good for America is ever accomplished. It’s all a facade. A dog and pony show. The illusion they show to everyone is not the truth. It’s not what’s really going on.

The democrats get into politics for power and to increase their wealth and that of their family and friends. That’s it. Everything else is about marketing their product deceptively.

They pretend their intentions are good, that they care about people. They don’t. 

They pretend they are decent people. They aren’t.

I am voting for a president, not a grandfather.

I do not need a grandfather who will make me feel better about things and tell me lies that sound good while he screws over the American people.

I’m voting for a president.

I want someone of action who believes in the greatness of America and will help us all reach our greatest potential.

And I definitely don’t want to be sitting on the lap of Grandfather Biden who will be sniffing my hair while he tells me that I’m racist if I don’t vote for him.