I’m sure the fact that the American Postal Workers Union’s National Executive Board has endorsed Biden will have no effect at all on the election and how ballots are delivered, right?

I’m sure everything will be above board like it usually is when democrats want to win an election.

It looks like the American Postal Workers Union picked Biden because they are looking for a handout from the federal government. Their statement on the endorsement includes the fact that they need an immediate infusion of cash from Congress and the White House so that they won’t run out of money by the fall because of COVID-19 related revenue losses.

The fall, huh? 

Hm… do I see a strike in the future?? Possibly in October or November? I guess it depends on whether they think a strike would help Biden or Trump. I know a strike would definitely have an effect on tanking the economy even more so that’s always a plus for democrats.

The postal union also likes the fact that Biden wants to continue to fund their failures forever by protecting them from privatization. Funding failure is something the democrats do well.

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Back in January, however, Biden WASN’T their guy. They endorsed Bernie Sanders to be the democratic nominee for president.

American Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein said in an emailed statement at the time,“…When we judge candidates by their long-term and consistent actions Bernie Sanders stands out as a true champion of postal workers and all workers throughout the country.”

The union represents about 200,000 postal workers across the country.

They go on in their statement to bitch about the Trump administration’s report about wanting to raise mail prices, cut services and get rid of collective bargaining rights, and they accuse Trump of advancing destructive policies. 

They also throw in some racial, ethnic and religious stuff in their statement, saying that President Trump’s policies incites that kind of bigotry.

What’s really going on is that they’re worried about their incomes and their jobs because the USPS is a dismal failure, losing money in perpetuity.

So what we have here is a group of people with skin in the game as it relates to the election outcome and these are the same people who are involved in the delivery of millions of election ballots.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

According to Breitbart, plenty could go wrong because there have been stories of postal employees’ attempts to manipulate elections already.

Recently, there was a letter carrier from Fort Bend County, Texas, who was accused of throwing out a box of campaign mailers of a sheriff in a dumpster.

A letter carrier was charged in May with changing a partisan preference to Democrat from Republican on five ballot applications.

Last year, in Pima County, Arizona, postal workers were accused of throwing away mail-in ballots that had partisan information printed outside the envelope.

Just think how easy it would be for a mail carrier to throw away a ballot that someone put in their mailbox because that Biden supporting mail carrier saw a Trump sign in their yard or a Trump bumper sticker on their car.