Appearing in their first interview as the nominated authoritarian democratic couple, Biden and Harris popped up on ABC on Sunday in a conversation that was recorded on Friday.

Biden and Harris sat maskless on chairs about 12 feet apart so that Harris wouldn’t give the old man any cooties sans-basement.

The network had touted as an interview where “no questions are off limits.”

Yeah, right. 

Did they ask Biden about China? No.

Did they ask Biden about Hunter? No.

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Did they ask Harris about hiding documents about pedophile priests from the public? No.

Did they ask Harris if she still believes Biden is a sexual predator? No.

I guess they had a few questions that were off limits.

It was obvious on Monday morning that the interview wasn’t considered a “home run” because it wasn’t part of the morning news update and it didn’t show up on the home pages of most of the news websites that I looked at.


Probably because tyrannical Joe declared that freedom is not necessary when lives are at stake and that if he’s president, he’ll mandate a lockdown if necessary.

Not sure how. Is he going to station the National Guard at my door because that’s what it would take. Even if he shuts down the entire country and everything is closed, I will still drive around merely because Biden says I can’t.

Democrats have never been accused of reading the constitution so why start now?

When asked about mandating masks, Biden said he’s going to ask the governors to step up. He said, “This isn’t about freedom…it’s about a patriotic responsibility to protect your neighbors.”

We couldn’t really expect anything different from a party who passed an unconstitutional health care program. If they can mandate us to buy health insurance or pay a fine, they can mandate anything.

In the interview, Biden also chastised people who don’t agree with his future mask mandate by saying, “Come on, give me break. This is about saving lives.”

I wasn’t aware that the bill of rights and the constitution are suspended because the democrats decide what our patriotic duties are. But then again, the democratic governors have been deciding what freedoms we are allowed since about March so why should Joe think he’s held back from doing anything in the name of science and saving people?

When asked if he would be prepared to shut the country down again if needed. BIden said, “I would shut it down.”

Hm… maybe he wasn’t aware that it was the governors who shut the country down, not Trump, because the president doing so would be unconstitutional.

I find it funny that they call Trump a Nazi and a tyrant when he actually adheres to the constitution pretty well most of the time. He gives guidelines and suggestions concerning the China virus and lets the states mandate their own rules.

So what else will Biden do if he’s president? 

Plenty. And obviously all kinds of unconstitutional things. He doesn’t appear to think he has any limits. He probably learned that from the Obama presidency.

Will he mandate that you all take the coronavirus vaccine? 

You betcha!

Come on man. This is about savings lives.