Yes, the news media who accuses President Trump of being anti-women, actually employs less women in their newsrooms than Trump does on his staff. Newsrooms across the country are staffed with 41% women. Trump’s numbers are higher.

Just like he did with his business, The Trump Organization, Trump has put women in high positions of power in The White House, including legislative affairs, political affairs, directors of domestic policy, press and communications offices, cabinet affairs and more.

Trump has had more women as top advisers than any other president.

For those of you who know a little about the Trump Organization, you might remember the name Barbara Res. She was head of his construction in the ’80’s, a position not usually given to women. 

Res worked on some of Trump’s largest projects including the Trump Tower. She became one of his closest advisers. 

With Trump, it’s about competence and loyalty, not race, gender or any other ridiculous litmus test that the democrats always have for anything they are doing.

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Trump’s numbers are pretty impressive and slightly higher than the general workforce in the country which is 47% women:

48% of the overall White House staff are women (216 women, 234 men); of the 315 political appointees, 146 are women and 169 are men; the staff of the president and first lady is 48$ women (181 women, 194 men); the vice president has 26 female staffers and 40 men; the vice president’s wife, Karen Pence, employs nine women, no men; and half of the national security council staff are women.

Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany (third woman to hold her job in the current administration) said, “Not only does President Trump uplift the woman in his administration, he implements policies that empower women across the country.”

Biden had said, when announcing Kamala Harris as his VP candidate, “Is anyone surprised Donald Trump has a problem with strong women?”

President Trump has plenty of strong women around him.

When you are hiding in your basement and are never given any serious questions by the media, you are free to be a liar-liar-pants-on-fire old man all day long with no push back. 

Biden’s existence relies on Zoom and a 20-something young radical social media crew trying to make him relevant every day.

Trump has a real job. Trump has a staff. Trump has a lot of women on his staff. 

Biden has a basement with birds flying around behind him, i-Phones making noise and a wife to speak for him every so often. Real impressive.