Sorry to relay gross information to you but knowledge is power, right?

Looks like flushing a urinal is NOT a good thing because of the “alarming upward flow” of inhalable coronavirus particles coming at you.

I’m not sure how many men actually flush the urinals after partaking of their use, but the ones who do need to be wearing masks according to the “Physics of Fluid Journal” (Yes, there IS such a thing). They call the man’s urinal a possible “dangerous item.”

The researchers from the Physics of Fluid Journal don’t want the particles going in your mouth.


As I told you in the beginning, this information is gross.

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I guess when you flush, the speed and propulsion of that flush allows the virus particles to “travel faster and fly farther” than traditional toilet flushes. 

So you get your own virus particles flying at you and possibly the virus particles of the person who was there before you.

Sorry again.

Sometimes technology that allows for urinal improvements are not a good thing.

Looks like coronavirus particles can reach a height of two feet above the ground which means that more public attention is needed on this topic so citizens can adhere to better toilet usage.

So attention urinal users: if you don’t have a mask, you might want to stand farther away from the urinal and pee in an arc.

Keep in mind that this study was done in China and it might be some sort of pre-marketing sales pitch for a new Chinese urinal or urinal guard that they’re working on.