If you’re of a certain age and the issues of this presidential election, and even the candidates to some degree, seem familiar to you it is because you have a good memory for political history.

In 1968 the nation was engulfed in riots and racial turmoil. There was even an Asian flu in the background. A law and order Republican was up against a moderate Democrat supported by some of his party’s left wing. The press had hated the Republican for a long time and did everything they could to sink him. But on election day the law and order candidate, Republican Richard Nixon, beat Democrat Vice President Hubert Humphrey to become president. Sound familiar?

In 1972 President Richard Nixon was up for reelection against far left Democrat George McGovern and the left and the press were united against Nixon. There had been riots and further racial tension and the Hong Kong flu has run its course. Nixon again ran on law and order and the then recently coined “silent majority” gave him the one of the biggest landslides in American presidential election history. Could it happen again?

It could, but don’t hold your breath. This country, in certain ways worse, is a different nation than it was in 1968 or 1972. The population and the demographics are dramatically different. However, there is one thing voters still respond to: a threat to the physical safety of themselves and/or their families. And there is the Trump path to victory.

Many of us have been disgusted and concerned about the murderous thugs of Black Lives Matter and Antifa roaming the streets of America destroying and looting business districts and even police stations. We’ve seen how they are trying to desecrate, many times successfully, icons and images of American history. We’ve seen them kill innocent children in Atlanta and their own in Seattle. If they are not stopped, as they have threatened, they could soon be in your neighborhood. If they aren’t there already.

A fight against them and all they stand for, including their Democrat supporters and sponsors, must be the main message of the Trump reelection campaign. It is past politics: This is a fight to protect America and American families.

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The president can’t run on the economy, as it probably won’t turn enough by election day to give him an advantage. Democrat governors and restrictive virus regulations will see to that. We are at peace abroad right now, but Iran or China could manufacture an incident to change that in a heartbeat. And the virus? The thing and the stats are so confused that nobody gets credit for it, though the Dems will try to lay the whole thing at the feet of the president.

Under famed American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s list of basic needs are “security and safety.” He wrote that in 1943 but it hasn’t changed, nor will it ever. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are clear and present dangers to the security and safety of this nation and its families. The president and his campaign team must emphasize that by video clips of places like Atlanta, Seattle, and Portland every chance they get. Therein may be the only sure road to the president’s reelection.