AntifaBLM, the fascist militia arm of the democratic party, has gotten their way and the Seattle City Council actually approved a plan to defund the police department, getting rid of jobs and salaries.

When you look at your property taxes a few times a year, there are some main things that you are okay with paying for and those things include police, fire and roads. They are a staple to a civil society and safety.

Not in Seattle, home of the CHOP shop.

The nut job council members in Seattle don’t seem to care if the residents and business owners are safe.

The vote to defund the police passed 7-1, with objections from the city’s police chief and mayor as well as the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild. But don’t get excited. The one councilwoman who voted against it, Kshama Sawant, only voted no because she didn’t think the defunding proposals went far enough.

The psycho city council will be getting rid of about 100 officers and will cut about $3 million from the budget.

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They went after the police chief’s salary in their legislation. Does it matter that Police Chief, Carmen Best, is a black woman and those who sought her massive reduction in salary were mostly white?

NOPE. Not a story. Nothing to see here.

A military veteran, Best joined the department in 1992 and worked her way up from patrol, narcotics and being deputy chief.

Does it matter that the budget cuts will, according to the mayor, disproportionately target new officers, often hired from minority communities? 

NOPE. Not a story. Nothing to see here.

This isn’t the end either. The city council has more cuts in mind for the future with their “rethinking” of law enforcement in Seattle. 

So Police Chief Best has finally decided that she’s had enough and resigned her position. A pretty good move, it seems, as she would be blamed for the increased violence that will happen to the city and have no resources to deal with all the crimes.

Her resignation letter says, “I look forward to seeing how this department moves forward through the process of re-envisioning public safety.”

I’m sure she does. Just like the rest of us.

It’ll be like washing a slow moving train wreck. 

Or maybe a fast-moving one.