As things stand, we have chickens in politics and non-chickens. 

President Trump is a non-chicken. That’s obvious.

He goes about his business as needed like the rest of us are doing out here working in a pandemic world. 

There are things to do. Not all of us can stay at home on their couch.

Meanwhile, the chickens have shut everything down based on what they call “science” but the exact opposite is true. They are shutting down everything because of fear and uncertainty. They don’t know anything about anything so they are closing everything. 

They are obviously waiting for a time when there are no longer any COVID-19 cases. 

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Good luck with that.

So they are making decisions based on something that MIGHT happen. 

Something that COULD happen. 

This could last for months. Or years.

Because there is no exit strategy. 

Close everything down. Stay at home.

So the obvious question from a legitimate media person to Joe Biden should be:


Biden’s says it’s safer to stay in his basement and that he’s following the rules and instructions put forth by doctors.

But for how long, Joe?

Until there is a vaccine?

Until every case is gone from the country?

Are you going to meet with governors and world leaders on Zoom for four years?

Will you ever be able to travel to and live in The White House?

Are you going to be able to interact with your own staff?

Is it safe for you to hop on Air Force One or get in the helicopters?

Is it safe for you to ride in the Beast without a complete cleaning with Wet Wipes?

There are many unanswered questions. Questions that the leftist media has no interest in asking.

If Biden doesn’t debate Trump in person, then there’s absolutely NO reason to vote for him because he has no business being president.

It would mean that he’s not qualified to run the country.

Of course, most of us know that already.