Tuesday night, at the end of that episode of this year’s Republican National Convention, First Lady Melania Trump gave a fine speech. It was filled with the right sentiments and appeals to our better natures. Even a small number in the media praised its tone and noted she addressed the COVID-19 issue with compassion.

The first lady sounded good, but she, and the whole scene, looked even better. She is without doubt the most lovely presidential wife in American history and one of the most accomplished. A woman who speaks multiple languages and made a private sector career in her own right before she met the president is more than a match in the achievement department for some of the spousal parasites who preceeded her as first lady.

But there were those who pilloried her nonetheless. Bette Midler, you’ve heard by now, made fun of her accent and demeanor. If you can for a moment think of Midler. Now think of the first lady. Now you have the source of Midler’s jealousy and loathing. Midler, and those on the left like her who mock and demean Melania Trump, do so because they see in her what they will never be. Cool, calm, accomplished, beautiful. Subsequently, they hate her for it. However, since the basis of leftism is a virulent masochism, they actually despise themselves to a much deeper degree.

It’s the reason you see guilty whites, much to the amusement of black Americans, self-flaggelate over “white privilege.” It’s why leftist women make it a point to sound and appear hideous and leftist men do all they can to seem fey and accommodating to those who would castrate them in the name of feminist ideology. It’s why Barack Obama and other hard leftists were never so overjoyed as when they could humiliate their own nation on foreign soil.

These kind of people look at themselves every day and know they will never have the grace and sincerity of the first lady. They traded that in a long time ago to ally with a dark twisted ideology that is just a public manifestation of their inner demons. The bitter demented faces of Rashida Tlaib, Bette Midler, and Kathy Griffin stand in stark contrast to the first lady, Pam Bondi, and Kimberly Klacik. Those strong conservative women are confident and composed, knowing their inner beauty is reflected externally as well.

Thus Hollywood and many in the press will continue to deride the first lady. They hope to hurt her and through her the president. If the president wins reelection it will not stop. If she discovers a cure for every disease known to man, it would not stop. It won’t end because the self-loathing of the left has no shelf life. They will lash out over nothing and everything in a futile attempt to bring Melania Trump down to their pathetic doomed level. It won’t work. She’s better than that.