It’s really something to admire – the organized marketing of democratic messaging every day. It’s obvious that the democrats have some sort of meeting and a narrative is decided for the day so that everyone is on the same page. The leftist media groups like CNN, WaPo and the New York Times also get the memo about what to talk about. 

Then Twitter jumps on board to make the liberal crap and the Trump hating trend every day whether it really does or not so it looks like everyone agrees with whatever BS story they are pushing.  

Over the weekend, the Stepford Democrats all talked about Trump destroying Social Security and Medicare with his payroll tax deferment even though they were all on board when Obama did it and anyone with a brain knows that the general fund will add funds to pay for both programs as needed, just like in the past, no matter who is president.

On Sunday, the democrats all posted their misinformation about Michael Brown and reminded everyone that it’s the sixth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. 

They democrats seem to have forgotten with their collective brain that the “hands up, don’t shoot” thing was a lie and that the Obama/Biden DOJ cleared the police officer of murdering Brown. Brown was shot while assaulting a police officer but the democrats still portray Brown as the victim.

All of these facts didn’t stop Biden from tweeting that Brown was a victim of racism and not his own actions. He tweeted “It’s been six years since Michael Brown’s life was taken in Ferguson – reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing.”

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The rest of the democrats on Twitter were tweeting the same tune as Biden.

With all of the stuff going on in the world and a whole planet to cover, isn’t it interesting that you basically see the same top four stories on network news at night? And the same subject or subjects being tweeted by all of the democrats every day?

They are lazy and lack creativity. But that’s because they have a marketing plan to run so they can scam the American people. They are shills for the democrat party and have to report the same things to push the liberal ideology. 

Stepford Democrats.

If only Republicans were organized like this. The Republicans can’t get on the same page over the course of a month, let alone a day and sometimes they NEVER get on board with whatever Trump is doing or with what Trump supporters want done. The work is left to us to do.