It’s rather boring for a terrorist if you have to try to break in and set fires to the same buildings in the same neighborhood every day. The monotony takes over and you really don’t get the press that you crave.

The AntifaBLM anarchist rioters in Portland have been rioting for 88 days as of Sunday, spending most of their time going after the county and federal buildings as well as law enforcement officers.

President Trump had sent in federal agents for a while but the task of keeping law and order is now in the hands of the state police and the Portland police. The agreement that was made in order to get federal agents to withdraw included a “robust” presence of Oregon State Police in downtown Portland.

They were supposed to secure properties and streets. What a joke.

Nothing has changed. Things have actually gotten worse.

Journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting a large part of what’s been going on in Portland, while the rest of the media ignores it.

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More recently, Ngo has told us that the anarchist rioters are using fake press passes to get close to the officers in order to assault them, squelch first amendment rights and make it look like law enforcement is going after journalists when they are really not. 

On August 21st and 22nd, the AntifaBLM anarchist rioters attacked the Portland Police north precinct, smashing police vehicles with rocks and spikes, throwing feces, paint and eggs. They also smashed windows on a Boys & Girls Club van.

I’m sure the Boys & Girls Club are evil fascists, right? They need to be held responsible for their years of stealing land from people and being racist and greedy children.

Also over the weekend, the rioters decided to take their violence into a residential area, shining lights on people’s home, yelling at them to come out. 

The rioters chanted things like, “Wake up, mother f—ker, wake up!” as they marched through residential areas and shut down the streets.

When will the police and the government in Portland actually shut this down? I think it’s safe to say, at least not until the election is over. It’s part of the democratic strategy to keep chaos going in many of our cities. 

The innocent citizens in our cities are collateral damage that the democrats are willing to accept. 

Democratic Oregon governor Kate Brown and Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler are co-conspirators in the violence. They are doing nothing and have done nothing since May – and they won’t.

The revolution must continue.