It’s bad enough when the liberals whine and complain about the illegal aliens getting deported even though they’re already broken our laws merely by being here. 

It’s quite another thing when they support the violent criminals staying here and they actually try to protect them from being arrested, even criminals with warrants out for their arrest.

Joined by Bend City Councilors Barb Campbell and Gena Goodman-Campbell in addition to Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel, a posse of protesters in Bend, Oregon decided to blocked ICE vehicles that was trying to leave the area with two illegal aliens with a history of criminal violent behavior.

Luke Richter, president of an acxtivist group called Central Oregon Peacekeepers had gotten wind that ICE was in the city. He found the buses and was the first to block their path. One of the criminal aliens was allowed to call his wife after he was taken into custody, which turned into social media posts and a gathering of protesters.

The protesters stood in front of the buses and also parked their cars in front of them, blocking the ICE officers from doing their job for about ten hours. 

Bend police showed up to “protect the life and safety of our community” but said they weren’t there to assist the role of ICE. 

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Wonder if they would have protected the life of ICE workers?

Luckily they weren’t put to the test.

The protests ended when more Border Patrol agents showed up and pepper-sprayed some protesters and then they took the criminals off the bus to take them to another area.

According to the OPB website, Rev. Erika Spaet of Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice said about the incident, ”We won’t let our community members be taken from us.”

Whether they’re criminals or not apparently.