Because cop haters think of the police as “pigs,” that is the chosen animal they have decided to kill to get more media coverage in their nightly rioting in Portland.

A decapitated pig’s head was used by the AntifaBLM terrorists in Portland on Friday in front of the Justice Center. They put a cop’s hat on the dead pig and burned it along with an American flag.

Animal killing is nothing new to these terrorists. Back in the early weeks of the rioting, a burnt pig’s head was found at the base of an elk statue that was destroyed in Portland during the democrat militias’s rampage across the country to remove statues. 

This event happened before the federal agents showed up outside of the courthouse. These terrorists have been sick people from the beginning. They didn’t need any “provocation” from anyone to be destructive criminals.

There was also a live pig found back in June that was abandoned near the Waterfront Park in Portland before the rioters had a chance to kill it. 

Police helped get the 300-pound animal out of the area and police officer Brian Pellston was able to secure a safe home for it at a farm.

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The pig had been found by some protesters who actually woke up with a conscience that morning and decided that an animal’s life was actually more important than their anarchy on that particular day. Lucky for Betty the pig, her head wasn’t able to be chopped off to be used as a prop for the AntifaBLM terrorists.

Officer Pellston, who found the pig a home had posted on Facebook, “Last nights nut jobs decided they were going to sacrifice a pig at the protest and cut its head off. PPB said HELL NO and took custody of the little lady.”

And where is PETA? I went to their Twitter site and there are several tweets about pigs needing help for various reasons but nothing about what AntifaBLM is doing to them.

Maybe it’s because PETA is all about the dollar, getting donations for doing little to nothing to actually help animals. 

As Black Lives Matter says, “Silent is Compliance.”