Looks like the New York City’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, is fed up and has had enough of de Blasio, his politics and the way he’s handling the pandemic.

She resigned in a letter on Tuesday, citing deep disappointment that the health department’s expertise was not used “to the degree it could have been.”

de Blasio tried to spin the resignation as something the he might have requested saying that it was “timed to create a new approach to where we have to go” saying that things need to keep being refined. 

He refused to go on record to say if he fired Barbot or not and never thanked her during his press conference where he appointed a new commissioner.

de Blasio did many things that didn’t sit well with Barbot and others in the health department, including taking away contract tracing duties from the health department and giving the duties to the city’s hospital system.

City Councilmember, Mark Levine, was upset about Barbot’s departure calling it a “grave blow to the fight for public health here” and said she fearlessly stood up for science, no matter the opposition. He considers her leaving a major setback in the fight against the pandemic.

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So it’s another woman, a Latina this time, pushed out of the male-dominated democratic world of politics. 

Big surprise, right?

Minorities only matter when they are agreeable to the white male democrats in the power positions.

The fact that it has been reported that de Blasio is condescending, belittling and openly hostile to women is of little consequence. 

The fact that de Blasio has had 22 women leave City Hall, many of whom are black or Hispanic, are of little consequence.

Democrats do what they do. They are corrupt and inept and keep getting re-elected because their glowing press coverage delivers a message that is opposite of reality.

In this case, lives at stake.