The City of Dallas has cancelled the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) convention just a few days before it was to take place and while the group had equipment in the parking lot ready to be loaded into the hotel.

The city didn’t even tell them it was cancelled because they are cowards. The hotel told them.

YAL is a youth activist organization whose goals are to advance liberty on campus and in American electoral politics.

Politicians, of late, have been loving on the activists but apparently not these particular activists. This group doesn’t loot and set fires and they believe in freedom so how dare they assume that the government will allow their first amendment rights in a public setting? 

The government, after all, is omnipotent now with their “emergency” health decrees. We have a few constitutional wins here and there, mostly locally, but overall, the constitution is completely gone, replaced by governor emergency powers and AntifaBLM mob demands.

The city cited, what else, a public health crisis for the cancellation. 

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Well, if that’s true why is the hotel open? 

And why is the AntifaBLM allowed to roam the streets unimpeded, unblocked, unhampered, and unobstructed?

The YAL had been impeded throughout the whole process of the scheduling of their convention, but complied, along with the hotel, with all requests from the city to keep the event safe. 

No matter. 

They aren’t seditious leftists who are voting against Trump so they aren’t allowed to peaceably assemble together.

According to the Texas article, they spoke with Cliff Maloney, president of Young Americans for Liberty who said, “Dallas waited until we had students, elected officials and investors on their way and our stages and banners were in the parking lot of the Omni Hotel before canceling it.”

1400 students were going to attend the event from all over the country.

Maloney said, “It seems the government officials would rather deny the ability to peaceably assemble, but allow that opportunity to violent protesters and further preventing people from being able to work and earn a living.”

Looks like YAL needs to take their convention outside and wear Black Lives Matter shirts and then everything will be okie dokie.